Horde Won I Quit

After being ganked from level 16 to 33 around 50 times, I work a full time job and want to play the game. Didn’t ask for a PvP server, some friends ran into it not knowing what it was. Having multiple 60s camping, not ganking, CAMPING Shimmering Flats try out STV. Shadow priest at the camp, two mages camping main Alliance camp, a rogue camping the graveyard and a hunter on the road and a Warlock in the water. I’m done. You win, another player left your server. You didn’t win though, you lost, if you want to watch your community die with this absolute degen camping, go for it. But if even one of you cry on the forums how WoW is dying, make sure to just go down the street instead of across next time.


Lol, it happens to the opposite faction too.

That’s what happens when you role on a PvP server. Just go to a diff server, that’s what I did.

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i play horde and ally on this battlegroup. ally main is on whitemane, horde is on thunderfury. alliance complains the most about being ganked, especially in redridge. they love to call the 60 rogues noobs that cant pvp and just gank lowbies, they dont understand people just like to grief other players. alliance ganks the most from my experience, which is ironic. ally complains the most about gankers yet they are the most guilty of it lol. vizor is a 60 horde rogue that slaps my ally alt occasionally in redridge. avengeu is a 60 ally rogue that killed me over 10 times in one night in hillsbrad fields, not counting all the other 60 ally that killed me a couple times that night.

Alliance gank horde too - put on your big boy pants. I’d rather have a smaller community than one populated by people who make passive aggressive forum posts because they’re malding.

This unfortunately is something you learn to live with. Lol

I would lie if I said I never killed a lowbie, I did, but its out of the ordinary. I don’t know why I should harass people, what rights I have. But there are those who love it. People you can just feel through your screen got issues.

Just know when to log instead of getting upset. Play another char for a while.

We need a shaming system that will give penalties to players attacking players more than 6 levels below them.

For example, you can increase prices for repairs, say, 10 times. Increase the auction commission, etc. You can even make a special icon next to the nickname of such players, showing that they assert themselves by killing players weaker than them.

We need a punishment system that leaves the possibility of an attack, but will lead to consequences for it.

rather than making it a punishment they should just add a bounty system. it will encourage high level players to attack one another in the area, rather than lowbies, and also protect lowbies by giving incentives. could have it be only 5 people max can get bounty loot, details are flexible

obviously this could only be a thing if they start gameplay patching era again like with another SOM or classic+

cata may help balance

“You want it to be one way. But it’s the other way.”

Youll be missed

youll be missed