Horde with 3 70's transferred to Earthfury looking for guild

I have a 70 Frost Mage, Arms Warrior and UH DK along with other lower level toons that I have brought from Sulfuras. My previous server was way too full and I was looking for a little more room. I am not able to raid due to my work schedule but can support whenever and however possible. If you are interested in someone that wants to help out, let me know. I played WotLK when it came out and have pretty good knowledge of the content. Was my favorite expansion, hands down.

This server is dead. You made a mistake transferring. I’m just waiting for paid transfers to be available to literally any other server. After the wotlk hype wears off in a week or two this server will be a ghost town. Even finding a 5 man group for heroics is nearly impossible.