[Horde][Thrall] Fri/Sat Raiding guild LF Boomkin/Warlocks, other ranged. 7/9 N, 1/9 H

<Duplicitys Reach> on Horde side US-Thrall 8/8H 2/8 M Last Tier, 7/9 N 1/9 H First week. Discord? Check. Wipes? Check. Memes? Check. We are a group of casual elitists that raid twice a week, Friday and Saturday 9pm-12am (ET/server). We are currently recruiting ranged dps, any dps with offspec, a tank with offspec, and a healer. We also are active in pushing mythic+ keys. Trials are welcome on so please reach out! We even host things like farming competitions with real life prizes :slight_smile:

Current Recruitment needs:
High need (1 Healer, select ranged)
Warlock - High
Shaman, dd- High (ele preferred)
Priest, dd- High
Druid, dd- High (preference to boomies)

Middle need (one or two on the roster now, also have 1 tank wanting to swap to dps)
Mage- Mid
Death Knight, dd- Mid
Priest, heals- Mid (disc preferred)
Demon Hunter, dd-Mid
Druid, Heals- Mid
Paladin, Heals- Mid

Low Need ( three or more on the roster for dps, 1 for tank, 2 for healing, still accepting exceptional players in these roles)
Hunter - Low
Rogue- Low
Warrior, dd- Low
Paladin, Tank- Low
Paladin, dd- Low
Monk, dd- Low
Monk, Heals- Very Low
Shaman, Heals- Low

Please contact any of our officers at our Btags

  • Hungler#1448 -GM
  • Disintary#1567 -Officer
  • Drinlok#1273 -Officer
  • Bamli#1877 -Officer
  • Snarfed#1335 -Recruiting Officer or Snarfing#4104 on Discord

bump bump bum ba ba bum.

Trying to add you on Discord…not finding the name. HPriest here willing to transfer

@Amorain-Stormrage for some reason, his discord name wouldnt show up for everyone who is not member of our discord channel. So you can contact him via in-game. As Snarf provided his bnet #.

Used to raid with this guild in Legion. Good people, discord is fun times. If you’re looking for a good group of people to raid with on fri/sat nights, this is a solid choice. Guild is active outside the game in discord. I think most of not all the guild are working adults, some with kids, some are just short like kids.

bump. We’re still recruiting… Probably boomkin would be nice too.

updated the class/roll needs.


Asalik#11842 383 Resto Druid


I have friended you!

First raid of the new teir is tonight! Come have a good time and live your fantasy of killing a monkey and a gnome in the same raid that’s being lead by monkey and full of real life gnomes!

Updated needs, Very high need for Warlocks and Boomkins

I am yang. Great guild for having a good time! 11/10 would raid again and theres a spot for everyone!