HORDE <The Nephilim> New guild recruiting

Hi everyone!

The Nephilim is a newly formed guild with seasoned players from way back in Vanilla. We used to raid back in TBC and WoTLK under a different name and are very excited to come back.

We are looking for all players and classes at the moment, fresh and new players, 60s or not.

Our MAIN goal is to create a community where people aren’t afraid to ask questions and genuinely love to enjoy the game while helping each other out. Our officers are friendly and dedicated players and are more than happy to invest in you and help you grow and get to where you want to be. We plan on finishing all End Game content and as far as we can get in Naxx ;).

On a more SHORT TERM goal:
We currently have a team of 10+ “Raid Ready” members and are looking to build our main raiding group to start venturing into Onyxia and Molten Core.
We need:
-2 Tanks (OTs)
-Rshamans and Priests (Shadows as well)
-DPS (Ranged and Melee)

There will always be a spot for you in the raid as long as you show genuine interest and dedication. Our approach to raiding will not be rushed as we plan on helping even the new players on learning everything from gearing up and preparing for a raid, to fight mechanics and role responsibilities.

Feel free to contact any of our officers in-game if you are interested:
-Eltuco (GM)

We are looking forward to help you out in dungeons and attunements!

 Stone Guard Eltuco