Horde seems set on chasing remaining Alliance from the server

I came to this server from Kromcrush. I was Horde on a Horde Heavy Server. Eventually all Alliance decided to leave the server and PVP was dead. You can check the server stats now and you will see it is 100% Horde. To me being on a PVP server with no opposition seemed pointless so I rerolled here as Alliance. At the time it was about 64% Horde. But things have gotten worse. And now it seems that some Horde are going out of their way to frustrate the remaining Alliance.

I like a challenge, and enjoy the added threat that PvP offers while leveling. I dont mind getting attacked or even the occasional gank while Im low health from fighting a mob. I can even put up with some camping. But what I don’t get is why people kill lowbies over and over and over.

Now I can already hear it… “Carebear complains about pvp on a pvp server.” And I could argue that one shotting an under-leveled victim is NOT pvp. But that is not the point. I’m trying to prevent a future Kromcrush.

Im not saying that you cant pvp. But just understand that the toons you are slaying have real people on the other side of that keyboard. While a PVP server means you CAN kill anyone… it doesnt mean you have to, or should.

I realize the people that need to here this arent likely the forum user types but just thought I would throw it out there. I just spent a couple hours of back to back deaths in Cenarion Refuge getting one shotted by not just one griefer, but 4 different Horde using blindspots so as not to trigger the guards. It just felt a little excessive and seems to have become worse in the last 2 weeks. Maybe Im whining, or maybe I just want to do what I can to keep more Alliance from leaving this server. Take it or leave it.


Totally with you. Add me ingame if you need help.

I was actually horde on Sulfuras but quit when the writing was on the wall there. It is now a 99% horde server.

But yeah, horde need to quit abusing their excessive numbers to basically turn alliance into 24/7 prey. I pvp everyone I can so they don’t get too comfortable.


Alliance here on Grob. Was thinking of hopping here. So I guess not?

This is from 2021. EF feels pretty balanced right now. Still need some more bodies
(On both sides) to trickle over but honestly the questing has been pretty good. I’ve been a part of scrums both sides have come out on top but for the most part a lot of people leaving each other be and focusing on their level grind. Plus no Q - come join! :smiley:


This post was from a year ago, don’t let it scare you off. Log onto the ally side of Earthfury and ask the people on the server what they think.

lol I just ticked off a Horde so much he went out of his way to camp me. I was destroying him at lvl76 but once he got to lvl78 and bought the blue PvP pieces I didn’t stand a chance

I was able to get him a few times but his burst was too strong. Savian I won’t forget you and once I get my lvl80 PvP gear I’ll be hunting you down :slight_smile: