(Horde) Seeking Guilds/Communities

I ran a guild on Cenarion Circle for about a decade and I’m trying to get back into the game. This server has way more people, so many more options, and it makes it hard to find a home. I love role play but my play time is a bit sporadic but could I get some recommendations for Horde guilds?

I have an old Stormreaver orc warlock, a Zandalari prelate, a sand troll necromancer, a Blackrock warrior and siegesmith, a shadowmoon priest/augar, a forsaken mage, a goblin rogue (though debating a race change or starting a new rogue), and who knows what else by the time people read this, as I’m kind of addicted to creating characters.

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We need backstory! On each and every toon.

And yes, we have race centric guilds, a hallmark of WrA, and we also have any race is welcome guild.

There is a event coming soon ™ that various guilds will be holding to recruit new people. Might be a few postings down.

Honestly with out knowing ‘more’ there is not a guild I would not recommend on WrA.

Please take the survey on WrA and thank you. Official welcome pending completion of survey and background check…

(See people not that hard to push the survey!)

Link of mention

[H- RP Event] Attention, Horde Guild Seekers! - Wyrmrest Accord - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

You forgot to link the survey.


The event that Coffinspike linked might be a good one for you to attend! Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the WrA Directory Thread, which has some guild adverts in its first few posts. There are many more guilds that recruit in-game, but hopefully the directory can get you started.

Some more information might also help people give specific recommendations, since race and class aren’t deciding factors for many of the guilds here. Are there any specific themes you are or aren’t interested in, such as military RP, crime RP, merchant RP, etc? Are you hoping to have all your characters in the same guild, or are you interested in multiple guilds? Do you have any strong feelings about the size of a prospective guild?

Good luck!