Horde (Resto Shaman) LF a Raiding Guild

Long time player, just here to give it another go on finding a Raiding Guild on the realm. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/scarlet-crusade/ovane
Above is my Armory if needed. Just mainly looking to find a home and enjoy some Raiding with people I enjoy. I’m also maxxed out, herbalism/alchemy/cooking/fishing so I can also help out with raid consumables. Loot means nothing to me and don’t get butt hurt about giving up gear if needed. Feel free to msg me in game via mail, whisper etc… also willing to help out anyone that needs some healz for whatever, even just a simple mythic+ bgs etc… p.s I’m also on EST timezone and work mornings. Thank you for your time :blush: