[Horde Recruitment] Redwood Travelers - RP

What is Redwood Travelers? See our Ad: https://imgur.com/gallery/8uAsuS8

Redwood Travelers is a distinct branch of the Redwood Tribe on Emerald Dream. While Redwood Tribe(s) is tribal themed and welcomes those races that fit that model, Travelers will have a different theme, but with the roleplay, integrity and close friendships that Redwood Tribe is known for both in retail and classic venues for years. Many of our classic role-players would like to try out Retail but with a uniqueness of its own and on Wyrmrest Accord, and so Travelers is hoping to provide, but stay true to the theme of trying to find a way to work together despite our differences, something that has plagued the Horde since the races first came into contact.

OOC - Our events are public and open. We look forward to meeting new people. Travelers will share a battlenet community with Redwood Tribe on Emerald Dream and our events will be cross-server. It is requested that guild dialogue take place in the community channel on both guilds.

We believe that before long, the separation of the RP servers comes to an end. Phasing, Cross-Server, and Warmode already cause party and raid groups to make certain we are playing with guildmates, so it is time for Redwood Tribe and Redwood Travelers to meet up and journey into 9.0 together!

Why Travelers?

People travel and journey for different reasons, learning, sharing, searching, and helping, and there is always room for more. IC, these are characters that found some reason to get involved with real Azeroth problems and solutions. There will be some from races that could not join as tribes members, but for some reason, Redwood called to them. OOC, these are alts or future selves that for some reason take up this mantle. As we embark into the Shadowlands these travelers may be what the Tribes need to navigate the treacherous grounds… Do you see yourself as a trader, an explorer, a scholar… or hanging out under the shade of the Redwood tree up to something a bit chaotic? We have a seat at our hearth waiting for you.

The Guild on WrA

The WrA guild will have some differences that will allow for some variety but the guild itself will have some restrictions since we are not the parent guild itself.

  1. All races will be welcome, and alts are welcome

  2. The highest officer rank obtainable in this guild will be Elder equivalent and reflected in Discord as that rank. If seeking higher officer levels in Redwood, you must pass Rites of Passage in the Tribe(s) guild and you will need to participate in those guilds following those guidelines

  3. Characters in Travelers will not rank up with traditional Rites of Passage or by attending Rites of Passage, but they are welcome to attend in support - more info coming soon on how to rank up in Travelers.

  4. This is a work in progress - please make suggestions

  5. TRP should be used to reflect Division most interested in exploring as a Redwood Traveler and Rank within that Division (example: Currently a Rambler amongst the Trader’s Division)

  6. Elder is the officer role (Rank 5) - officer alts will be Rank 6 (Astute Voyager) unless you wish to have your alt rise through the ranks as their own character.

  7. This is an RP guild… TRP3 is expected (no matter how minimal) and RP is expected. We are not a leveling guild and depending on interest we will explore other parts of the game, but med-heavy RP is to be expected. (in community chat is not RP normally, but outside of guild chat or some whispers, is usually in character unless stated or ((parenthesis use)).

Guild Leadership, Divisions, Ranking up Process, Contact Info

Spirit Guide: Okwaho Skyseer - long missing from the Tribes, returns as another Old God threatens. Still a member of the Earthen Ring, Skyseer contributes learnings picked up along his journeys and when things settle down, he seeks to help those who also have been wandering their own paths; whatever calls to his old companions and new, he believes he can help them come together again, this time as One Family, made up of all those who choose to call themselves “Traveler”!

Ranking up in guild: While this is a Work in Progress, individuals will begin as The Lost/OOC when entering the guild.

They will need to Interview to achieve their first rank. The interview will help the newcomer learn about the various divisions in the Travelers and help them to choose a path. From there they will embark on various missions to help each other and to find the meaning of the path they have chosen.

These divisions include: Traders, Explorer’s League, Scholars, Underground.

(Various missions will be given out, more difficult as the ranks increase - some of this may be worked on offline/through discord, short stories, art, or other means that the member thinks of, deadlines, steps taken, teaming up all will be taken into account.)

Missions/Escapades/RP = all of this will factor into making officer rank once an applicant has moved up through the process above, and each person in that division will help shape the divisions.

Okwâho (alt 131) will be the Spirit Guide (gm) and Venxi (Ayashe’s Pandaren) will be Chief Navigator (co-gm)

Discord: Winter#3381 or Sommer#7443 for more information and guild invitation

We look forward to the journey together!


Sounds incredibly well thought out and put together, even if some aspects are a WIP.

One question I do have is that do you guys have any focus on side content aside from RP such as PvP or PvE? Even if not this seems like a very fantastic guild premise, one that I intend to follow up on.


We have been known to raid and wpvp, especially in Classic on Grobbulus of late. Before Classic came out we kept warmode on and at least raided at the normal level as part of Redwood Tribe on E.D.

We just love to do stuff and do it with good friends!


I am excited about our Meet and Greet on Monday!
Time: 6pm server
Place: Valley of Wisdom


Hosting tonight’s Meet and Greet! Alt code 131 for the a and invite.

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October 27th 6pm server, Redwood Travelers will be investigating the problems of the “Spirit World” on behalf of the Earthen Ring … Thunder Bluff, meet in the Amphitheater.