Horde Q times, Man I feel for you guys lol

Rath strat is another name for Scorched Earth, we were doing it long before its “invention” in 2008 on my battleground.


Once you queue up you can go out in the world and wPVP until it pops.

All I know is some plebs will cap the wrong gy’s lol, nothing is ever certain. “Don’t cap Snowfall”, but it was to late, it was just capped.

While this is true, I really wish they would require players to queue at the BG locations. Truly give us that authentic launch, haha. I remember sitting outside AV for hours to get in. You find some interesting ways to keep yourself amused in that time.

Stole my thunder!

Scorch Earthed predates Rath Strat.

I dont think the people who make these threads know how its going to work,

. 3-15 min queues will be the norm.

But if it makes you feel better thinking the horde have these crazy queue times after you lose the BG, Just keep thinking that, see ya at your graveyard :slight_smile:

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On Black dragonflight server we had 7 min premade av wins.

That was easily possible for us even on my backwater server of ursin, but no one cared all we wanted was TAKE EVERYTHING AND GIVE THEM NOTHING!

better honor per hour for the guys at the choke point and 110% more fun, plus we got to crush the alliance so bad they would no longer even que it as a premade except at off hours.

We speed cleareds for marks to turn in. HWL ranking was based on who did their turnins for the week - extra marks sat in the mailbox - you could turn in hundreds in one day.

Eh I have zero cares to give about pvp rank. Worst PVP system ever, I am just here for the kills the wins the epic 3 hour WSG grudge matches and the gnome death animations.

So what you’re saying is HORDE WON!
If alliance all run to PVE servers, ( which come on learn your class before you start streaming it’s embarrassing) then that means horde win, they won the server.

That’s gotta hurt with all the BG’s they will be winning on top of it!

People who have played horde and alliance over the 15 year span honestly know the difference.
You have leaders and you have a bunch of whiny snowflakes talking about how its a loss before the gates ever open. Who do you think the snowflakes are ?? Hmm?

I can’t disagree. As an Alliance pure I see many come and go in these troubled lands.

Also here for these. But in an organized group on discord. Premade v Premade is quite fun at times.

Its a system designed to restrict absurdly powerful gear from being in the hands of every single toon. If it didnt have absurdly powerful gear i would agree.

Give it a few hours and Alliance will still be whining about how unfair it is and horde are cheaters and everything is favored towards them and whatever new excuse they come up with for losing against horde.

Seriously look around. There are a million threads about horde and queue times and how alliance shouldn’t join the BG’s just to make horde suffer long queue’s.
This is really your tactic to feeling like your winning something ?

I seriously doubt any horde players will swap factions, to save 5 mins from there queue time.

Eh could care less about the gear as well, for me the MC loot and eventually BWL ZG AQ and some day nax loot is all I need, but its not healthy man. Plenty of terribads got HWL via account sharing and boting versus skilled players who never got past rank 12 despite premading because they just couldn’t put in the time.

And the 3 hour WSG grudge matches WERE organized premade on premade with everyone in vent and teamspeak back in the day good times especially when we all hop over into the other one to talk about the game after.

Id say it will be this, retail has everyone in the same pool and horde has about that much wait while alliance have instant pops.

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in retail horde can also merc which will not happen in classic. :slight_smile:

The total playerbase on retail isnt quing for 1-3 bg’s though. Rated bg’s and arena took the vast majority of pvp players out of regular bg’s.

Not the case in Classic - every single one will be in the same bg q as everyone else. Take that into account.

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in retail before mercing was a thing horde had 30-45m queues. it will probably be at least that. though that was before classic’s pvp population all decided to go horde for easy wins so AV may take longer than that.

In 2006 before the introduction of arena every single player that wanted pvp had to use wsg/ab and then av (for marks - thats the only reason any horde ever did av after they got exalted) - pvp q times were on average 3-15 mins in my battle group. After arena was introduced they skyrocketed to 30+ mins.

Dont blame merc modes and whatnot. Arena and then later rated bg’s killed random bg’s - nothing to do with faction balance.