Horde <Orcish Gnome Punt Team> Recruiting Guild

The Orcish Gnome Punt Team is looking for more players that would be willing to join. If you love to punt Gnomes, sometimes Orc Peons, then this Guild would gladly accept you. The more players we can get, the better chances for perks that Guild members can purchase to help them succeed; we don’t have many achievement points. We do not tolerate players that would harass and even shun other members in the Guild. We do have a discord available for chats. From Dungeons, to Raids, and Role-Playing (RP) with your fellow Guild mates, if you want to, and so much more to do. Toons and/or main characters are welcome. Message in game by mail or by forum if you are interested in joining and I’ll be on as soon as possible. Thank you :slight_smile: