Horde lore discord

Hello nerds. I invite the remaining Horde shills to join me in having a safe place for the patriots who are sad about currently story direction.


No hate. No bans. Strict rules. Emojis coming soon and hopefully productive lore debates.

Loktar. May our enemies Fall.

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If there are no bans, what could possibly happen when I break the strict rules?

But no, I do not think so Erevien. I shall not join your undoubtedly sad discord, just to watch you cuss and rant about non-white characters in Stormwind again.


It’ll just be him wanting to play the warcraft 2 horde campaign anyway. It’s all that his rants come down to


No politics is onevof the rules. Also all poc coded people are Horde.

Again, who cares if there are no bans? Just break the rules.

Besides, how could anyone ever expect you to follow your own rules?


Hijacking this droll thread to post the real Lore discord. All the cool kids are doing it. You wanna be cool too?

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This isn’t the real discord. This is an unmoderated cesspool filled with people who don’t regularly post here. The point of it is to laugh about people who post here behind thier back while they allow doxxing and harassment to go unchecked.


IS that the place were Baal bullies everyone who disagrees with him.


It’s a cesspool either way


Cant tell which server might be more stupid tbh

Well I only mute people who promote the alliance. Other then that everyone is welcome.

Any server that allows Erevien on it is, by all logical measures, the more stupid server.

This is an immutable fact.


Í am an ubreakable wall of autism.


You accuse the Alliance of bias yet make a horde only discord? Ironic.

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Yes because we are underpresented in the story by all accounts.

Not sure about that one, fella. Have a feeling I’d be counting the days to a server nuke and MIBs at the door.

We do not break any TOS or laws.

am i allowd to advertize my NFTs in ur server?

The server now has rules to prevent RMT and gold selling!!! It didn’t happen but now it’s against the rules just in case.

Feel free to join. We have cookies.