<Horde Is My Safeword>

Come hang out with us in on the Horde side of the Nesingwary Server

We are a community of adult, mature gamers as well as a multitude of geeks, stoners, misfits, and all areas in between. We also openly embrace those of any lifestyle or orientation background.

We seek to make this guild a dedicated friendly, team focused, fun-loving gaming environment where every member is important and not just a number on a roster, the dynamic you associate with, an honorific, or your specific lifestyle role. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the online gaming experience by virtue of those friendships. Dedication and assistance to each other can only enhance and progress our guild as a whole.

Our goal in WoW is simply: to have fun and play WoW as a group of friends continuing to experience new challenges implemented by the developers while sharing in our common lifestyle interest. We don’t enter into flame wars on public forums. We don’t brag about content completed. We don’t race other guilds to be the first to overcome a collection of pixels at the expense of our members. We don’t give into guild wars, we do not care what other guilds are doing, or even if you are a member there. We maintain our belief in team first… members first… friends first… while still advancing through content and having alot of fun while doing so.

In naming our guild , we wanted to created a sort of space where you would go when you need to just chill out, stop it all for awhile, and come hang out with a bunch of weirdos, freaks, geeks, nerds, gamers, kinksters, primals, stoners, and more!

We are absolutely open to those who wish to help us out in Council roles from being someone to go to for PVP or Raid information, ideas for our guild, events, etc. The more the merrier in the help department!

We have events that happen randomly throughout time, from silly mindless things to season or festivity focused.

This also includes our Discord with some Discord games as well such as, Find The Boss Lady.

We also seek to keep our ranks manageable - we are more focused on quality and not quantity.

If you feel as if we may be a good fit for you and vice versa, we welcome you to message one of us either here or in game via the above mentioned toons or a /who Horde Is My Safeword

So please, come hang out and give us a try!!!