HORDE: HPally/Hunter and MW/RestoDruid LF XRealm Raiding

Hello - two friends looking for a cross realm raiding guild.

About us:

The Holy Pally/Hunter - After two xpacks of not raiding, I’m finally getting to a point where I want to partake in raiding again. I raided for a few years from BC to WOD (during WOD I heavily raided and was working through mythic content - my guild was able to get 11/13 in Hellfire before disbanding). I really prefer to raid on my paladin, but am willing to raid on my hunter if no groups are looking for double healers - raiding on the hunter would be a first for myself.

MW/Resto Druid - I’ve heavily raided since BC in a mix of heroic and mythic raiding, but took a break midway through this raiding tier due to my guild disbanding.

We are looking for a Horde guild who is focused on heroic raiding, and mythic when cross realm comes out in 8.3. We are skilled enough to find mythic guilds but no longer have the time or inclination to keep transferring and faction-changing to find a stable, skilled one.

We ideally would like to find a weekend raiding guild.

Thanks for your time!

Nyc (btag: nyc#11488)


Hi there friends! We have a cross realm raiding guild that raids Friday/Saturday evenings if you’re interested.

Found a Green Quest (Est. March 2018) a horde PVE guild with a cross-realm community is located on Zul’jin. We’re a small but growing fun, friendly, social family. We have a big focus on fun in and out of Azeroth.

We host community events such as fun contests, leveling groups, crazy mythics/dungeons/raids and more!

If you would like more information, have any interest or have any questions please reach out to me on here, battle.net or discord.

Real ID: Kiua#1912
Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395

Hello, we are recruiting:

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST


Great times but it says that you aren’t recruiting full-time healers. Nyc and I are not interested in being dps or flex dps. Thanks anyway!

Hey there, I’m currently building two teams for my new guild. Our weekend team is/will be a AOTC+ group for 8.3, meaning casually going through the raid and dabbling in mythic if/when the time comes! This team is for people new and old just wanting to enjoy raiding at a chill pace. We currently have a good amount of DPS and we’re set on tanks but we could use healers. Right now our only healer is our raid lead and I fill in as another, but wanting to dps myself :stuck_out_tongue: . The last 2 Saturdays we started up the group, running normal, trying to get new/returning players up to par to start the heroic raiding! Let me know if you’re interested!

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@ [H] US - Mal’ganis

We are a dual raid team guild, led by CE raiders with previous leadership experience. One team is AOTC+/casual and the other is CE/semi-hardcore. Both raid atmospheres are laid back, but focused and goal oriented. We plan to fully launch our CE team by Patch 8.3.

We do not cater to the easily offended, nor do we want players who think it’s interesting or cool to act like a high schooler.

Weekday CE Team Information
Tuesday: 6 - 10pm Central
Thursday: 6 - 10pm Central
Goal: Achieve CE every tier and sell heroic runs on our off days.
Needs: All - We are building exclusively for 8.3

Also willing to absorb a group and lead it to victory!

Weekend AOTC+ Team
Saturday: 7 - 9pm Central
Sunday: 7 - 9pm Central
Goal: Achieve AOTC every tier and dabble in Mythic for fun.
Needs: DPS, Heals, OFF-spec tanks

Interested?? Apply now! It’s super fast and easy. :heart:

Friendly gamers can contact discord: Tigger#0772

Hey all - we are still looking to find a guild!