Horde guild on Whitemane recruiting

Hey all,

Let me tell you the story of Riders of Rohan so you can rip me to shreds here on the friendly WoW forums. (They still call them that, right?!)

We started as a Karazhan group in a different Alliance guild on Azuresong. We enjoyed playing together so we started our guild on that server. That server rapidly started dying. Several of us met up in real life. We decided to start a Horde guild. The Horde guild reached 1000 members quickly and stayed there (Phase 1) until we kicked over 700 players and restructured our ranks into something we can turn into more of a progression community. That’s where we are now, the late-beginning of Phase 2 of our guild.

It’s been almost 3 months on Whitemane and for the first time we’re openly recruiting like-minded players. (Before it was spam invites and word-of-mouth)

I’ll end with a few words from our discord on guild philosophy:

  • Guild philosophy: Enjoy Progression Together

Enjoy: Pick your main, no class/spec requirements, have fun learning a new spec or dominating on one you already know well.

Progression: Come prepared and perform during raid time, meet and exceed the expectations of your role.

Together: Kick butt (can’t say the other word on forums? lol) with others focused on the same things as you, the best of friends are ones with shared goals.

If you want to play the game with some old school (chill) folks who are doing what it takes to build a successful guild from the ground up, then we might be the place for you. If you’re looking to be carried until you get bis…probably not. Anyway, hit me up at jonzilla3#1163 or respond here and I’ll be in touch. Thanks