Horde global chat?

so on stormrage (alliance) theres a global chat channel called Looking For Group where everyone in the realm can chat about various things. it makes the game feel so much more social and inviting imo.

i recently created an alt on area 52 (horde), and to my disappointment there is no LFG channel 4 on the realm…what gives? do all horde realms not have a global chat like this?

Any global chats you might come across are player creations. There is no official world chat channel in game.

While most realms have some form of it to varying degrees of usage, you would have to manually join to see if it’s active on your new realm.

/join LookingForGroup

That will join the LFG chat channel

Mouseover the chat channel panel, where you will locate two tabs, general and combat log.

Right click the General tab then left click settings.

This opens the General Configuration interface.

Select channels to access them. General, trade, local defense and looking for group.

The chat channel feature may be designated to have customers talk about specific subjects

The following are examples of that nature

  1. General

the local region you are playing in, such as Ashenvale, Mulgore, Winterspring, etc.

If you are in Winterspring

a general question may be something like, “Can someone please tell me how and where to begin the quest to obtain the blue Frostsaber. I asked someone and was told that it is a quest in Winterspring. I think they look cool.”

or if you are in Ashenvale

“I see this Giant Portal here and when that I attempt to enter it nothing happens. Is it maybe broken or do I need to complete a quest?”

a reply could be

“Those where maybe portals to the Emerald Dream.”

“There are four of those portals, two located on each continent. Those specific portals do not feature additional content in the video game.”

“There is additional information archived in the expanded universe books.”

  1. Trade

Alliance would connect to the Alliance cities Horde would connect to the Horde Cities.

A player could link their tradeskills in shorthand or an item they are in search of trading for such as

[Tailoring] LFW
LF an enchanter pst (please send tell)
WTB 40 linen cloth COD


Ironforged dwarven smith available heading to the Stonefire Tavern for a couple flagons of mead, the wife likes lagrave stout. The Foote Tripel is good too, just be careful not to fall off your Khaz Modan Ram on the way to the hearth at home.

  1. Local Defense is a channel to communicate to any players in PvP realms with messages such as

Large group of Horde maybe thirty to forty encamped outside Ironforge. Seen them from me gryphon coming here from Aerie Peak. Their readying for an attack to attempt to kill Magni.


One of them Alliance rogues be outside de gates to da city. Is stealthed and kills me in like two stabs. Use the side exit if you be leaving Orgrimmar and are low level. After being killed four times I seen dat backstabber do da same ting to a newbie three times in a row trying to get back to their body.

  1. LookingForGroup

Looking for other players to form a group who want to complete quests together

Forming a group of players to complete the Blackrock Mountain adventure and schedule it for next Saturday night (11 days from now) starting at about 8:00 pm

Anybody want to go to that Caer Darrow place and do Scholomance tomorrow night? My brother said there is some sort of lich monster boss in there. I can start at about 7:30pm

Searching for a healer to complete the Uldaman instance with a group of four other people on Sunday afternoon

  • It is unknown if that the above is 100% accurate, maybe members of the RPGA or the people who visit locations that host pen & paper and tcg group gatherings would sort of think similar. They maybe would concur that the words are plausible to the context.