[Horde] "From Nothing" - Casual Gaming Community

“From Nothing” was created just a few weeks ago, from a handful of people looking for a fresh start. We are still growing and bolstering our ranks as we grow together as a community. If you are looking for a laid back place to hang, maybe your a new player looking to get your feet wet in the vast world of WoW, or maybe you decided to come back and get ready for the coming expansion please feel free to reach out to us and see if our group is a good fit.
Our group:

  • Is full of players who actually like each other
  • Stays light on time commitment but gets things done
  • Prioritizes a welcoming environment
  • Understands you have a life outside WoW
  • Is looking for like-minded players seeking a long-term home

We have people starting mythic+ runs, we have people that just hit 120 today, we have people leveling alts trying to figure out what class they should main for SL. We have it all, and there is no pressure of raiding anytime soon though I am sure we will get some people into light raiding by late July/ early August.

please feel free to contact us on discord:
Tarob#3887 Officer
mogs#7397 GM

Really chill group of people, felt at home right away.

Happy to have ya :slight_smile:

What are you looking at as far as raid days/times go for SL? I’m a long time player/raider with experience all the way up through mythic as a tank and as a dps, but I’m looking to switch to heals and focus on normal/heroic a couple nights a week in SL as I’m currently in grad school.

EDIT: Damn, didn’t realize this was an old topic lol