Horde complained about Av premades now make Wsg premades non-stop

I have run out of reasons to log onto the game besides for raids as battlegrounds were fun, now its just non stop horde premades in WSG while we ghost ourselves waiting for the game to end.


WSG has a group queue function.

AV doesn’t. Not recognizing this at this point, when Blizzard has made changes to squelch AV premades, is intentional ignorance.

I only solo queue and fight Alliance premades in WSG constantly. The fix to what you’re experiencing is to join a WSG premade team.


AV does have a group queue now. Has Blizzard stated that the changes were meant to prevent premades specifically? I don’t recall seeing that but correct me if Im wrong. The changes were made to prevent games that created and not filled so that the matches started off balanced. Now that premades are no longer creating empty AVs I don’t think Blizzard will change a thing. They don’t care.

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This makes me giggle.

Ah, good point. OP should group queue AV with 4 friends as well, that’s another good option.

Can you address his other point? The changes seem to be combating empty lobbies specifically.


With this change in classic making AV queues 1hr and WSG just a premade farm fest i’ve given up ranking and probably classic i just don’t see the fun in BGs at all now

They don’t specify in any way. This is supposition.

All they mention are pain points and unfortunate behaviors. Part of it is the initial starting conditions; however, this was a symptom of the illness.

If it was focused entirely on this point alone, the last change listed would suffice. Removal of queue numbers was targeting the method premades utilized to mass queue, which wouldn’t be necessary to implement in tandem with the tertiary change of tweaking the amount of people required to start.

They directly reference unfortunate behaviors, which isn’t in reference to the initial starting state. Is it a soft way of saying exploiting and being openly hostile to those Alliance not in premades.

From someone who has always played both factions, this change is obviously intended to impede a behavior that is exploitative and diminishing the quality of the game for everyone.


the alliance has found a way around AV premade and they are back so blizz fixed nothing

What is the incentive to queue into AV as Alliance if you’re exalted with the faction already? Honor is terrible without a coordinated team which Alliance pugs lack.

Honestly, with the exception of AV at it’s current state, WoW doesn’t cater to solo queuers when it comes to battlegrounds. If they wanted to make it fair for WSG and upcoming AB, they’d make it so that premades can only face premades. Only problem with that is that queue times would skyrocket.

Currently, my wait time for AV has doubled but I’m no longer facing premades which makes the experience more enjoyable. Would I be willing to wait double the queue time for WSG to have fairer games? Hell yes.

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