Horde are legit

You guys are always grouped and look to be dominating pvp right now. Ive been trying to form small scale pvp groups 5-15ish people to go roaming but its silent on that front. Good Job dominating hope alliance get there ISH together before they all server transfer because you have established dominance.


They are dominating bc they have the numbers to do so. A lot of the horde here are quite bad but they always outnumber us so its not skill or anything else. The funny thing is now everyones time is wasted bc they are getting terrible honor for the most part and man camping instance portals has to be boring AF. bring on phase 3 so we can enjoy some healthy competition. Tho the horde are in for a rude wake up call when they cant fight you 100v1.


Lol salty alliance propaganda

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Blizz needs to shut down alliance transfers off, open alliance transfers in, and then put faction specific population caps with queus to help encourage excess horde to take the free transfers and balance out the two factions.

They’ve been extremely lazy regarding faction balance in general for classic, and surprisingly our server is one of the better ones despite horde being pretty clearly dominant.

Hopefully it can get to a more balanced situation, I can’t imagine getting rolled by superior numbers constantly is very fun for the Alliance, considering it’s been pretty boring even as a horde.


if salty means true then yes

Yeah you right that they lazy. One of the big problems is that servers back in the day had a max of around 2-3k not 20-50k. Hell some servers had way more than that at launch but never mind that. However, horde are dominate because numbers=dominance.

Whats funny, is that I only see raids of 10+ alliance running around low level areas ganking and camping solo players for hours +. But, yes, complain more lol, its a pvp server, were all here to kill each other.


yeah bc must of us know its a waste. this is a pvp server and i love pvp but this isnt pvp. old servers had like 2.k player base not 20-50k. not to mention most pvp servers are have horde outnumbering the ally by as much as 80-20. but sure have fun being bored killling 1 ally every 5 mins. i have no prob with 1v1 or 5 man 10 mans ect. but when 20+ horde kill one ally, not pvp. its cancer. most horde here are are bad tbh. just get outnumbered.

Whitemane does not have 20k-50k active player lol.

It’s 6k

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I don’t feel that Alliance is outnumbered; we simply just do not have an Alliance that cares to PvP at the style that the Horde does. Alliance PvE is pretty packed.

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Yes the horde outnumber us, yes the horde honor camp your corpse, and yes they sure do run in 10+ man raids. But all I see is IF packed with alliance players doing nothing but afk’in and congo lines. The crappy honor farming in Southshore with maybe 20 or so players tryin to do the push and retreat honor trading and the other 40+ players afk in the house, docks, and inns. The problem isn’t being outnumbered the main concern, the problem lies in the motivation to actually pvp. I hate to say it but the Alliance on Whitemane are lazy, I will admit that, but the horde also have to admit they they run in raids so they cant lose a even fight. With the horde doing this have created this mentality for the alliance. Why try when a group 2x your size will back up the horde you are fighting. The occasion to pvp as a 5man or 10 man is not a thing. There is no spontaneous pvp in this phase. Get into a guild, roll in numbers, or play a group of friends and kill the horde you see and move on. You cant do much in the world when the horde over run it and the other half of the alliance AFK in IF.


Moooooom, their complaining again on the internet.

fr ironforge looks like an ant colony with how many alliance are just logged in afk doing literally jackall

I put together a raid every evening after 11pm-2pmish

Great job horde alliance are leaving

I’m out… Have fun on to earthfury

Whats the ratio like? It definitely not as bad as other realms

well on its way to becoming heartseeker jr, if thats any indicator.

I loled

Grab mah butt

lots of lvl 60 alliance in tanaris killing lowbies constantly.

~undead rogue.