Hoping For A Correction For This Macro

Hello Friends

In my constant quest to be the most supportive player (and just a friendly old “Geezer”), I wanted to create a new macro to replace the “Grats” sometimes used.

As you can tell it is patterned after an old song, also used in a commercial today and I tried my best to use the pattern of another macro crafted by a friend here for me (Elvenbane). It’s not working, so I am hoping for a correction from him or any of you. It’s meant to apply to either sex, but I must have missed a code command.

As always, I am most grateful for any help you guys and ladies (I don’t say “gals”) you may provide.

/run SendChatMessage(“Go boy GO. Now go some mo’,”(UnitSex(“target”)==3 and “girl” or “boy”) “whisper”,nil.GetUnitName(“target”,1))

All the best and please stay safe!



/run SendChatMessage("Go "..(UnitSex("target")==3 and "girl" or "boy").." GO. Now go some mo', ", "whisper",nil,GetUnitName("target",1))

Elvenbane, you are a JEWEL! Thank you for always being there for me! I’ll test and report back.


Where did you want girl/boy to appear in the message? Currently it’s just slapped on the end.

Yeah, it isn’t working. The phrase is “Go, boy, go!” and if it’s a female player I wanted the “boy” replaced with “girl”, if possible. I tried it on a player, but nothing appeared. I’ll wait for your instructions. Thanks!

Also, when I try the new macro, I get this big black panel asking if I want to report the bug.

Try it now. Stupid smart quotes.

Sorry, which quotes do I need to remove? ------- EDIT: Never mind. You had already fixed it upstairs - my bad. It’s WORKING! Thank you again, Elvenbane!

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