Hopefully this is the end of the failed lootbox system

The only aspect of WoW this would directly affect is WoW Tokens.

Hearthstone and HotS would be in trouble though…

This could effect apps that Blizzard and others use to gather information and then sell it to others. Other than that parents should monitor their children not the govt.

Insanely huge difference.

I did say I was splitting hairs - probably a whole head full of 'em - but it was more a philosophical comparison.

god, i support this whole-heartedly.

every day that a CEO feels pain is a good day. these mongrels, these… i don’t even have strong enough language to use to make my loathing known, these filth cretins need to be expunged from gaming.

i don’t care how much of a dark bargain this is(it is, btw. the government getting involved is a double-edged razor blade), i’ll pay whatever price to hurt the pockets of gaming CEOs.

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… The “General Discussion” forums are specifically for the “General Discussion of World of Warcraft” as mentioned in the pinned post “Welcome! Please Read” at the top of the forums.

The forums for generalized gaming discussion would actually be under off-topic in the Games, Gaming and Hardware sub-forum.


On top of that, this looks like a copy-paste of an article. Sourcing articles and videos on the GD is cool and all, but at least make some attempt at discussion instead of just copy-pasting an article without a source, a video, a link, ect and then adding nothing to it.

Here is proof that this is just a copy-pasted article with nothing added to it.

Its literally word for word just a copy paste with TC adding nothing to it AND they can not even be bothered to provide the source of where they got this from. Plagiarizing is not cool dudes and while I get that MMO-Champion can not properly moderate themselves and allows threads like this to run rampant on their website, IE threads that are just copy-paste’s of articles where the TC does not add anything to it and more often than not does not contribute to any discussion after the initial post, this is not MMO-Champion and these kinds of low effort posts are pretty frowned upon here.

You didn’t answer their question, what does this have to do with WoW? What does Lootboxes have to do with WoW, a game that does not have Lootboxes?


this may not be a game with loot boxes, but it’s a game with microtransactions.

one day, i want those expunged from wow too. there is no place for this cancer anymore, and the day of chemotherapy is upon us it seems.


This would end gold and would be replaced by playing the game.

… No… No it would not? How do you even come to that conclusion? The focus on this article is that paid lootboxes are akin to gambling and have been getting away with basically selling gambling to children for a long time.

Nothing WoW does, be it micro-transactions, WoW-Token, ect fall under what the suggested legislation is targeting and going after.

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What if i send your account one of my toons and a million gold. Costs to transfer 25$ to blizzard. You level it to max on follow. Send toon back to first account less the gold?

Such legislation is toothless and deliberately designed to be toothless. It’s worded vaguely enough that no games will ever get caught by it. Just another corrupt politician doing their thing.

Too bad it won’t amount to a hill of beans.

Well, first of all our accounts would have to have the same last name to transfer characters across accounts which would fall under falsifying information which is frowned upon.

… Okay?

I honestly have no idea what kind of example you are trying to make here. None of that falls under what the above legislation is trying to combat, which is in game gambling.

What you are describing is more along the lines of paid character boosting, which is already pretty frowned upon by Blizzard for multiple reasons. The above suggested scenario has nothing to do with Blizzard.

Just to be sure, Valrayne, are you in defense of the practice of lootboxes in games and companies that abuse them such as EA?

Pretty much this, unfortunately. Money talks at the end of the day :confused:

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Pursuit of profits.


Nope, we pretty much got it.

And selling digital items that don’t even really exist for money falls right in with that pursuit of profit thing.

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I remember when Congress was more concerned with backward messages from satan in heavy metal albums and rapper promoting violence against the “system”…

Not a bad move, because loot boxes kind of suck, but so boring. Shouldn’t they be focusing on the devil worshiping going on in fortnite or hello kitty island or something?

Thank god… this era of loot boxes/pay to win is so toxic for video games in general

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To clarify for you, I, like any other sane person am strictly against such abusive practices that EA et al utilise that should be legally branded as gambling and therefore banned or regulated. The problem, as always, is in the detail. It takes only a cursory glance at the wording on this proposal to see there are legal loopholes in it so large you could park both old and new Dal in them. E.g. the mention of “geared or orientated towards children” immediately destroys any chance this proposed legislation will have any effect whatsover.

Like I said above, the only aspect of WoW I could think of would be the WoW Token as a loose “Pay-To-Win” example, though it could easily dodge the law as any advantage it gives is relatively minor thanks to Warfronts and WQs and it’s expensive enough irl to dodge the Micro part of Microtransactions.


Here’s a link to the overview of the act. It targets TWO kinds of games; as you said, ones catering to a younger Audience (Candy Crush is named in the larger version, though it doesn’t take much of a stretch to include the likes of Fortnite, PvZ: GW and other such) but also ones catering to a larger demographic that Developers KNOW Minors play - such as Call of Duty, Battlefront II, GTA and the likes.

we don’t have a lootbox in WoW so not to worry here

Shouldn’t this be the responsibility of the parents? I personally hate the “Lootbox” a lot of games implement but I refrain from playing those games. Sounds like some politician or big wigs kid ran up a huge bill using daddy’s money and the company said too bad so now he is pushing on legislation to do something about it.

The Government really doesn’t need to stick their faces into this, they get this passed then they are going to want more restrictions added to the ever growing video game industry.

No right now parents need to be held accountable and start paying attention where their money is and to make sure their children don’t get a hold of it.