Honorable SuDoKu

Honorable SuDoKu is a newly formed guild with close group of people that have been playing WoW and raiding together since Cataclysm. We moved here from Proudmoore where I was the GM of the guild of the same name.

We are very active daily always looking to run Mythics, lvl alts together. We are always happy to help with anything.

We are currently in need of some amazing DPS of any class and some amazing healers of any class. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Please feel free to add me and message me if u are interested in joining. We will be discussing further the best times for raiding for the new raid next week. Our plan is to raid at least 3 nights a week

Hope to hear from yall soon and look forward to progressing and doing the best we can every week.

My battle tag is Blight#1288, im usually always on after 3PM EST everyday.

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