Honor Point improvement suggestion for TBC

With Season 3 a couple weeks away I think it’s time we talk about how much honor is needed and the accessibility to obtain pvp gear.

Calculating the honor needed to buy the season 3 offpeices + Battlemaster/Insignia it would cost 130k+ honor and that’s not accounting any of the Season 1 Gear or Marks of Honor new players would need to get that would be interested in pvping. I don’t think the rate at which we gain Marks of Honor is an issue but I do think that the honor gain needs to be increased by at least 3x.

Positive changed that would happen if honor gained was increased:
• An increase in players that want to pvp.
• Easier time for people who don’t have a lot of time to play the game to obtain the gear
needed arena.
• An increase in pre season engagement.
• The accessibility of players to get pvp gear on alts.

I’d love to hear everyone elses thoughts on the matter, thank you for taking the time to read


Hi Zuelase,

Thank you for the feedback! This is a topic that we have been closely following along and discussing internally. For some transparency, we want to be extra careful when adjusting significant systems such as rewards in Burning Crusade Classic. We strive for authentic recreations as the best approach with our design as substituting our own judgements has great potential to harm the spirit of the original game. For example, we risk negatively impacting the perceived value of these items or affecting other areas of the game by changing the rate of power progression.

That said, we hear your frustrations with the current rate of PvP reward acquisition and think there are ample reasons to justify a #change. When we compare PvE and its rewards, there’s a stark contrast with the level of effort and time investment required. Players are better now, all the best raid strategies have been figured out, and those rewards are much more accessible!

We attempted to address this in Season 2 by introducing PvP faction items early (a change introduced with Sunwell’s release) and reducing the costs of previous season gear by half, but we don’t think those changes were nearly enough.

The following changes are planned to release with tomorrow’s Phase 3 content unlock:

  • PvP faction items now have an Honored reputation requirement (from Revered).
  • The battleground mark costs for Season 1 gear have been removed.
  • The battleground mark costs on Vindicator items have been reduced by half.
  • The amount of bonus honor rewarded from the marks-to-honor repeatable quest has been increased.
  • The Call to Arms daily quest now provides 3 battleground marks and the bonus honor reward has been increased.
  • The Halaa and Terokkar PvP daily’s bonus honor reward has been significantly increased.
  • The Hellfire Fortification PvP daily now provides a bonus honor reward.
  • Tier 4 and 5 tokens can now be exchanged for season 1 and 2 gear at tier vendors.

We hope that this will make a significant impact. Please continue to tell us how you feel about this, we’ll be listening!