Honor NOT being calculated 3-8 AM

I don’t doubt that things are screwed up. But there is no way for us to know who has lost how much. Perhaps the others above you have lost even more than you have?

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I can’t say for others, but just I, myself would like the bug to at the very least be acknowledged of its existence.

A fix sooner than later would obviously be great, but any sort of compensation of perceived loss will NEVER be possible.

Not asking for a recount of honor for every week this bug has existed, just that people are allowed to play in what time they are able to allocate into the game.

A potential loss of 35 hours a week is very significant. Likely much more time than the vast majority of casual players put into the game.

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I know everyone above me and I follow their online, they do not play at this time
https:// prnt.sc/q1ywgc

Also, I was losing honor, a lot of it. I stated it was a hypothesis for these losses.

noun: hypothesis; plural noun: hypotheses
a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

You can not say, “I do not believe that to be true” this is not an argument and provides zero evidence to the contrary and does not help the claim.

My data is an extremely small sample size.
I posted here hoping to open a dialogue bring forth more accounts and evidence.

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Incorrect, a blue has not responded to this issue specifically. They responded to the display. But if you read the thread you’'ll notice that this is a separate issue entirely.

The blue post states that they still see this as a display/caching issue, and that all kills and honor are being calculated correctly.

Seems like you just aren’t accepting the answer. If they responded to this thread with the same answer would that change your mind?

Just got a responce to a ticket

My name is Game Master (Removed Name), here to help you out! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us today about your Honor issue.

Considering the amount of time that can go into getting those honor kills I can totally understand where you’re coming from here, so I want to do my best to get you some answers.

After doing some digging on my end it looks like you definitely may be experiencing something not intended by design. I’ve sent this information up and it looks like we’ve had a few reports of this issue and Honor kills not displaying properly.

I know this can have a huge impact on your PvP experience, so Im so sorry for the inconvenience. I would highly encourage you to report your findings and side of things at the link below so our Devs and QA have another angle of the issue to get it fixed.

You’re lacking reading comprehension. That blue post was in response to an entirely different issue.

The issue they responded to was the honor tab not UPDATING. We are no longer having issues with an in-game UI element not updating.

There is currently a time frame where we are LOSING honor. The issue is no longer the UI element displaying 0.

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Perhaps, but the blue post I quoted is specifically in response to someone with missing HKs, not that the UI wasn’t updating with zero, but that it was updating with the wrong information.

I use HonorCounter by Woblight which accounts for diminishing returns. The people I play with during the day also use it and there honor is either equal or slightly higher than the addon records. I am the only one that plays extended time into 3-8am range and I’m missing approx 34k this week so far.

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There is no question that early morning honor and kills are being tossed by the daily cutoff job. This is an entirely separate issue to the hosed up in-game tally that clearly doesn’t balance.

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People need to stop confusing this with the display caching issue, we know that exists. This is not that, this is ANY and ALL Hks and honor between 3 and 7(8) deleting and not being tallied.

I’ve verified this almost daily now. Stick to the issue at hand guys.

I gave up playing during this hour, but i did manage to get 9 hks last night while farming gold and these disappeared like the night before where i lost 80+. This is ridiculous cause this is the majority of my playtime and I am standing 47 and already lost 25K + honor this week and who knows how much last week. My lifetime kills is out by 699 kills.

I thought I was crazy, but I saw a drop on mine after joining a large group and going about it for a few hours in open world.

A compromise would be to accrue all the lost Honor for the next week.

Doesn’t give back the 1k + RP lost
honor is whatever in comparison

New honor spy update evidence that the killings are not counted. He considered that we should have got 34k, and got 25k. And so it was every day. Thanks, Blizzard

If Blizzard is not going to solve this problem and reimburse the players lost time. I’m not just going to finish with warcraft, but I will also sue the company. I spend a lot of time, pay money for it and as a result I do not get a deserved result due to game errors.

The world boss was up yesterday morning during this time frame. Just confirmed from multiple people who was at the world boss fight that this happened to them as well. I recorded 151 HKs at the world boss, then logged off for the day. Logged on today and lost ALL of my Hk’s from that world boss fight. Pretty much if you play between these time frames, everything you do doesn’t count.


Screenshot from last week.


This Week HKs + Last Week HKs = Lifetime HKs?