Honor needed to reach each Rank?

So, going off the examples Blizz gave us. they convert honor to Contribution points, then place us in a rank 1 through 14 for the week and that determines how high we progress on the reset. they say we can only be placed 4 ranks higher than our current rank. So, it would make sense to only gain enough honor to hit that 4 rank higher mark.

Blizz gave us some examples…

they said 45,000 honor is 20,000 cp or rank 6.
they said 175,000 honor is 40,000 cp or rank 10
and of course 500k for rank 14.

anyone found a chart for all the other ranks? would be helpful if you are say rank 6, you only need enough honor to hit the rank 10 threshold for max rank up.

A few people have tried to break it down including a poster here Dragonballz who posted this:

The only thing is that Blizzard says a max of 4 ranks and that chart shows 3. So I’m not sure but I actually hate getting into spreadsheet math etc so :person_shrugging:


thanks. thats just what i was looking for. good to have a weekly target.


Hey Mootwo,

“If the player’s “expected rank” is greater than or equal to their current rank, then for each rank above their own (up to a maximum of 4 ranks), they are awarded the difference in CP between each rank above theirs and the next below it, multiplied by the honor change factor for that rank.”

Based on the item they said is that you can only qualify for the CP gain of ranks +4 to their current rank. So based on if you start the rank at “0” or “1” slightly changes things since that means you can qualify for CP at Rank 4 or 5 respectively which means you could theoretically gain 4 ranks, but besides that first rank jump there is mathematically not enough CP to jump a quad rank based on their math.

Assuming R1 is really the start and not “0” as I did the original math…

(R2-R1)R2 CF+(R3-R2) R3CF+(R4-R3)R4CF+(R5-R4)R5CF + original CR =
.8 + 0 (starting with nothing)=
2000+3000+4000+4000+0 = 13000 which is slightly over halfway into R4.

IF you assume 0 is a rank, you lose that last 4k since +4 ranks only gives you CP from 1, 2, 3, 4. That means you can only hit R3.

Again, I am only interpretation their poorly explained system.

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You’re probably correct on the math. What you say does make sense.

I understood the old system and could explain it to people very well but them switching it up leads a bit to be desired on the explanation front.

I think you helped a lot of people and that’s huge. Thank you.

Seeing your math I might even rank this druid I’m posting on up to 11 now for the mount because that would be easier and more interesting than farming and selling stuff for vendor gold on this server. Thanks!

Ah so 233k honor got me from 0% Rank 9 to only 49% Rank 9.

Am I missing something, I was going for the Rank 11 threshold but at minimum thought I’d get Rank 10! :frowning:

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I had two toons, one at R2 and the other R3. R2 earned 45k honor and is now 40% into R5. R3 earned 70k honor is and 40% into R5. Not sure how that works out tbh.

I went from rank 9 0%-> rank 9 0% at 155k last week, had little time to play but thought I would get at least a couple percent

Got 180K honor, was Rank 9 0% and got now to Rank 9 50%. Based on their own blue post i should be Rank 10. Bug?

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It has to be a bug. There’s no way it can be this much off from their own blue post. I could understand marginal differences, but too many people downranked completely in itself.


13 to 14 3 weeks? XD

They made the math so complicated for no reason that the person writing the post didn’t understand it. The calculators players have made are more accurate. The calculators are saying you needed 200k honor to level up.

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Does that chart indicate the amount of honor I need to get each week with my current rank? Or does it mean for you to look at the rank you want try to achieve and to get that amount of honor instead of what is lined up in the row with your rank?

Like if I’m rank 9 do I need 128k to get my maximum gains for the week? Or do I need to get 233k to get to rank 11?

IT depends. If you’re rank 9 with 0% you cannot get to rank 11 next week, but if you have 20% then you can make it to 11. In both situations you will need around 420k honor to do get max gains. The original calculations players had for honor in rank 8-11 was roughly half of what they ended up being.

This is in line with the table posted above.

What’s missing is the explanation that the honor values in that table are the bare minimum to not de-rank.

Actually making meaningful progress requires significantly more honor than listed in that table.

Need about 300K/week if you’re going for rank 10 on a reasonable timeline. 500K/week if you want purples.

I am currently rank 6, does this mean that I cannot reach rank 10 by this coming Tuesday?

Sorry, I’m completely new to the whole classic PVP system.

Impossible, the max you can get is rank 8, assuming you are 0% rank 6.
You are hard capped at 175,000 honor for the week. Even if you went and got 500000, you would still only rank up to 8 50%.
If you are 50% into rank 6, you could hit rank 9 0%.

The big red bar on the “Honor” tab is about 80% of the way across. I am assuming this is my percentage into rank 6 as I don’t see any numerical value. I’ve earned just over 70,000 honor so far this week, I’ll look to acquire about 100,000 more before Tuesday.

Thank you for clarifying this.

Edit: I’m actually blind and somehow thought I was rank 6, I am in fact rank 5… unfortunate!

Deleted my last post because of your edit. The honor cap for rank 5 is 142530 which will bring you up to rank 8.

Blizzard’s example in the sticky thread above has everything you need.

Note, you can only get a max of 4 levels of CP awarded each week regardless of how much honor you farm.