Honor calculations

It’s not just after 8 am PT. And it doesn’t always get picked up by the next daily reset. I lost around 60 honor kills a few days ago and they have not been added into any of my daily or weekly totals. I almost always pvp between 2 am - 8 am PT because I live overseas, not after 8 am PT.

I DO believe they will be added in on the weekly reset if it is indeed only a display issue. But I just want to let you know that your information isn’t correct, and I hope that there is a fix coming for these display issues because it’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to correctly track your own progress.

The “incorrect values” are what exactly? The honor kills, total honor, or both? I look at how many kills i get daily, at no point did it seem to me that my kills just doubled over night by more then 400 kills. Did this doubling of “incorrect values” happen every day? If so how do you track the “correct values” and why don’t you just display those instead? I also use a mod to track my kills and honor because of the imperfect system, which led me to the conclusion my amount of honor kills were correct. Unless of course the mod also doesn’t have access to the “correct values” as we the players don’t and must rely solely on your word and not the actual information from the system. That is the only cause of confusion, from your end not ours.

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What about 1st 2 weeks Blizzard?

Yes, what about the first 2 weeks? where are the corrections for that?

Do you have an update on how this will look in-game?

Did somebody say, “What about the first two weeks?”

I’m glad you asked, because earlier today, we ran a repair script to fix the results of weeks 1 and 2, and that change should be visible to affected players now.

During weeks 1 and 2, as many of you have noted here, kills during certain time periods weren’t being counted in the daily roll-ups, which in turn caused them not to count toward your weekly standing. This resulted in players getting the wrong standing relative to one another, and the wrong amount of rank points. Some players got too many rank points, while others got too few.

Even if you didn’t get all your kills counted, you might have had a higher rank than you ought to, because somebody with a similar standing was missing even more kills (or higher value kills) than you were.

We had all the kills recorded, but because ranks are a result of relative standings, and each week is affected by previous weeks, we couldn’t just apply a repair for missing kills, we had to re-run the jobs for all 3 weeks to figure out what your correct ranking ought to be right now, and we did exactly that. We didn’t want to take anything away from anybody who might have been blissfully unaware of this problem, so after calculating the correct rank points for everybody in this region, we only adjusted the rank points of anybody who’s rank points were too low, to raise their ranking up to the point that it ought to be.

Now that that fix has been applied, we’re in a good state to head into battlegrounds.

Thanks again for your patience!

See you in Azeroth!


So can anyone confirm their rank actually went up? Because I know I played the same as I did all 3 weeks and strangly rank 105, rank 26 and most likely like 35 this week

Yes, I gained about 10% on my rank. Thanks for the fix!!

Thank you blizzard for your hard work!

I gained 25% further into rank 6 the other day from this fix. Thanks! Hopefully the late night hours continue to count towards our actual totals from here on out!

Yup, my rank progression went up by about 10%/15%

I only gained 3% which was probably just like 1 standing higher, but since I didn’t pvp much during those time periods I didn’t expect much anyway. Thanks for the update.

Looks like the honor tab is still omitting BGs honor for this week. There’s about 20k honor that just disappeared from my honor tab yesterday. Others I’ve talked to are experiencing the same issue. I have created a separate thread on the bug report forum but this is really disconcerting.

If you mean honor from the ‘today’ section of the honor tab, the native system doesn’t display honor there at all. If you see any amount of honor in ‘today’ you are using an addon that is modifying the tab. Your complaint is with the addon.

As stated in multiple posts, people are losing Honor from yesterday’s honor tab and are also getting HKs zeroed out.

It’s pretty sad that we have to use an add-on to show up to date information on the honor tab when Blizzard makes hundreds of millions in profit every year.

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Kind of a weird statement here. People are using addons. Honor Spy appears to zero out daily honor for no apparent reason - a glitch. And then people are claiming that Blizzard is losing honor. Blizzard data is fine - the addon is choking.

Hi Dhalgren, please xplain how 150 honor kills just dissapear out of my honor tab from YESTERDAY as well as HONOR FROM YESTERDAY WITHOUT USING SPY. This is what i’m talking about and there’s a reference to this in the EU forums.

I’ve lost 200K honor this week. Feels really bad man.


Twice I’ve lost 50k honor after grinding a full day. My honor wont roll over until 3pm and when it does, I lose everything done during that day. at least 100k and a lot of hours totally wasted. Frustrating.