Honor calculations

I’m missing about 30k honor after this week reset.

I logged out on Monday with 709 hk’s for 38900 honor. When i logged in on Tuesday I had 361 hk’s for 20248 honor. Little discouraging.

(reposting again here) Had roughly 95k for the week on Sunday evening (weekly honor listed by blizzard), then added an additional 15k or so over the next day before reset. Then blizzard ran their updates Monday which displayed 190k (lol what?), With the “final” weekly tally at only 96k. B.S.! Please help!

Honor still not resetting at the same time for everyone; I’m EST and almost certain I lost honor from 9 am - 12pm EST.

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Honor (gain? display?) is STILL bugged. I had an estimated 9k honor yesterday, today after the daily reset I only have 3k honor and I lost over 2/3 of my kills PVPing in the early morning hours around 3-8am (I live outside the US). When in god’s name is this going to be fixed? Can we get a timeline or update? I now have no idea if this week will calculate my honor correctly or not once again.

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Why is this not fixed already, im spending every hour of every day for the next month or two focused on this and this really is SUPER DISCOURAGING.



I know the honor system can be frustrating, and even more so if it feels like you’re not getting credit for your efforts, so I wanted to post and let you know we are looking at people’s honor for the week, and so far all the checks we’ve done indicate that honor was calculated correctly this week.

As we mentioned before, our data repair job on Monday caused the “This week” totals to display an inflated value for the rest of the day, and that appears to explain a lot of the confusion we’ve seen so far.

We also know that some players confuse “estimated honor” with actual honor (estimates don’t account for diminishing returns), or confuse honor with rank (honor is earned from kills, rank is based on your relative standing within your faction). The honor system is slow to progress you through the ranks, even in the best case, so many of these reports aren’t a case of the honor going “missing” as much as they’re a case of an unforgiving system giving you less progress toward a rank than you were expecting.

In addition to being based on your relative standing within your faction, your progress to the next rank also slows down as you reach higher ranks. Achieving the same standing each week won’t award the same amount of progress toward each rank, it awards a fixed percentage of the delta between your current rank, and your current standing. It is actually impossible to achieve rank 14 in less than 12 weeks, and that assumes that you’re the top player on your faction for every one of those 12 weeks.

Those are all intentional behaviors, and are not bugs, but they can all contribute to a feeling of difficulty progressing through the ranks.

We also see reports of missing kills when you’re playing during the daily reset job, and we’ve checked that too. In fact, I just checked right now, on some of the people who reported errors in this thread, and last night’s job did calculate their honor correctly. Those kills are still there, its just a display issue, and they’ll show up on the next day’s daily report now that the underlying issue is fixed.

We are continuing to investigate, but at this time we don’t see any problems in the week 3 data. Once we conclude this investigation we can move on to investigating the problems that occurred during week 1 and 2, and we’re beginning to do that now.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through these issues.


When i logged early this morning, I had around 90 kills. When I logged on again I had 30 kills from yesterday and 3 for today. Where did the other kills go? Is it a display issue? Is there a time estimate for when this display bug will be fixed so that those of us who play early morning hours aren’t constantly wondering where our honor went?

I don’t think anyone posting in this thread has a problem with the difficulty of the ranking system. I believe most of us know exactly how it works. The problem we all have is that we constantly have no idea whether our honor is actually being accounted for or not because the display interface literally doesn’t work. I was also under the impression that the display UI was supposed to be fix this last Monday.


I had over 800 honor kills on Monday night and come Tuesday i only get credit for 450. I can understand that total honor is an estimate but how can we all be losing actual kill counts? There is no possible way i killed the same group of people that many times to lose half of the honor kills i made for the week.


That is good to hear. Thank you and good luck!

Bingo. We are losing actual HKs/honor, and this isn’t attributed to a “display” issue

Ya I can also confirm lost KILLS not just lost inflated honor. My weekly total was 700 kills short of the kills i had through the week

If your ganking 1 zone you potentially could have and that could explain it if 0 honor kills don’t count toward HK’s

That wouldn’t explain my massive loss of kills. I never kill the same people after I get 4 HKs on them because they are worth 0 honor. Any honor addon also tracks this as well as diminishing returns.

The roller coaster numbers displayed through the week finally settled down, and at least in my personal situation, things appear correct for the week.

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thank you for the constant updates

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Thanks, Blizzard for working so hard for us! The Classic WoW team doesn’t get enough recognition for their hard work!

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I continue to experience the delayed update on Honor every Tuesday and this time, all the kills I got during the “delay” are not displayed on Last Week or Yesterday. This is the second time this has happened to me…

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I appreciate the teams are working to make things better for people. It’s very heartening to see such a robjust response and so full a statement. Good job. I wish it was in service of a better system.

This entire Honor system while beloved of many is…less than useful or desirable to me. I am disabled and have all the time in the world to play if I want so it is not a time issue.

The problem is that competition for the higher ranks is inheriently designed to reward people that clearly are not playing equitably with others. One account being run by multiple people to farm honor to achieve the higher ranks, feeding of groups of players to a small number of players for same, camping raid/dungeon/city entrances for hours on end making it miserable for lower levels players that can’t fight back.

It is a system that has bred in it’s bones “get the bigger number any way you can” and as such is…simply boring to me.

I love the DR and dishonorable kills system as they should encourage people to play and have fun and not grief. I always thought that people who have bypassed DR should instead start to award dishnorable kills unless they attack first. I have also always believed that DR should kick in much faster based on level difference.

I guess in the end without a daily cap on hours in pvp that counts the entire system is rigged in favor of those that cheat and I’m not interested. Also without actual in game conesequences for what I consider griefing I find myself at the same place. I know “care bear” “just a bad having bad opinions” “whiny pve’er that just does not get it” I’ve heard it all. So call out the hounds, attack the playes and not the thoughts if it makes you feel better.

What do you want? Because you don’t like the honor system you want it changed somehow?

I don’t like instance PVE. I avoid it like the plague. Does that mean they should change it? I think not.