Honor calculations

so I guess just don’t do any pvp from 4pm to 8am just to be safe!

you mean just don’t pvp at all?

i mean if your focus is to gain honor points and it’s not registering then don’t pvp if u dont want to waste your time

Although that’s likely the route I’ll be taking until this is fixed it’s also not a solution or acceptable on blizzards part.

Outside of 2 nights of raiding, Solo PvP on my alt is the most fun I have in game.

I actually feel like the time to not pvp is 8am-4pm now

Yep about 50% of my HKs and honour keep magically disappearing everytime I login it looks worse and worse. Sad that Activision makes you ju. P through hoops to just open a ticket, to get a generic useless response and then linking to a forum for “more info” that lacks any blue responses to update in where they are at… Wth??

I agree, but unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to respond sooner. We’ve been investigating, and can now confirm that yes, this is a separate issue, that’s not related to the caching issues we were experiencing previously. The caching issues made it more difficult to uncover this issue, and I appreciate the detailed reports of which kills were missing and over what time range which helped us track this down.

We’re getting pretty close to fixing this, and it turns out it was caused by the daily honor script running before the end of the day, causing it to miss kills that haven’t yet happened. But worry not! Those kills are still recorded, they just weren’t getting collected into the daily statistics correctly, so they’re not displaying in-game for “yesterday” or “this week” kills/honor. The source of the issue appears to be a scheduling system treating a UTC time as a local time, and we believe we’ve found and fixed that problem a few minutes ago.

We’re also working on a fix to repair the daily statistics which we’re hoping to run Monday, in advance of the weekly rank adjustment, so it will correctly count all your kills and honor correctly for this week.

I want to stress, that we do have all the kills recorded, even though you can’t see them all in-game, and we’re working hard to get the weekly statistics correct.

Thank you for your patience as we untangle this issue.


Sounds like you aren’t sure we will actually get the lost honor counted towards our rank this week…

What about my honor / kills that i missed out on Week 2 of Phase 2 / they were not accounted towards my Week #2 Standing…

This has been going on since week 1; I reported it at the end of week 1. I was flipping out sending friends screen shots from the night before and then again in the morning when I logged in. I’m glad they are fixing it. I hope they go back and adjust RP for those weeks or just give anyone in like the top 200 13k (bracket 14 RP)


What about the previous two weeks where the issue occurred from 3am-8am?

Agreed. Last week two days lost 40k plus honor as well the 1200 hks i’ve lost/not reported this week. Something has to be done lmao

Been going on since day 1, why not acknowledge that?

If this blue post is true, then why didnt our kills between 3-8am appear in our end of week calculations if its just a display error

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Didn’t you just read the new post? THey have finally found the other problem - the missing honor. They’ve fixed the bug and are working to make sure we all have what we’ve earned by Tuesday

This is a step in the right direction at least. Thank you for responding. I will continue killing people tonight and hope it counts.

thanks for the response blue

Damn, why can’t we have more posts like this? This is a great example of how a lot of things should be addressed.

Thanks for your work on fixing it, means a lot to a lot of us.


What you did not state is whether or not you’d recalculate RP from week 1 on. Some people missed out on Standing 1 because of this error.

Doesn’t really matter if you put the kills and honor back on the tab when the weeks have already been processed. And I know you aren’t going to go reprocess them from the hellstorm that would be people complaining about losing rank.

TL;DR: Your RP up to this point that was lost to this error is still lost unless they recalculate all previous weeks of honor (protip: this means people will lose RP and cause a s*** storm, so they won’t).

Everything else in that blue post is pointless.

So are we getting 3 weeks of the UNCALCULATED honor given to us on Tuesday? Stop being so cryptic blues.