Honestly the nerf to the soulbind system was the right decision

If they nerf it enough it will become meaningless and no one will care anymore. No one will touch the conduits. Timegate becomes irrelevant. There, problem fixed.

Thanks blizzard, keep up the good work, and nerf that crap to the ground. And while you are at it nerf the covenants too please.

Thank you.

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Or just make them baseline for the classes and give us tier sets and things of the like as our main means of progression.

That sounds like it’d be fun


I need some explaination on this, I’m confused here. The soulbind system? You mean how gear becomes soulbound? You realize that there are raid BoEs that drop that already jump past the time gating and hurpitydurpity ilvl requirements.

Maybe I’m missing the point of this thread, can I get an explaination?

There you go



Shadowlands has a soulbind system. Basically - NPC’s with talent trees. They come with pre-req skills to your progression as well as customizable but limited powers you can fill in called conduits.

The conduit system is just the worst. Imagine if in vanilla you had to farm content to earn talents. And not the fun or interesting talents, no the ones that increase the bleed damage of Rend by 5%. And then when the new tier comes out you have to farm again for the 6% talent.

What fun.


You remind me of asmongolds statement on the changes with mythic dungeons.

Hey, hey… You don’t have to worry about covenant choice when queing for mythic dungeons if nobody will be doing them.

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Some of the soulbinds, like Pelagos, are still way better than others regardless of which conduits you choose.

The concept sounds terrible.

Though… aint that what the committed folks have been doing for 4 years now. With both the legion weapons and bfa neck/corruptions/azurite gear

and its what everyone has been doing every new tier since… ever. While it guarentees that you cant just use gold to buy your upgrades.
Without account sharing, you have to do it yourself. Like half the essence system.

Its dissapointing though. There has always been too much grind in this game. Ever since Legion though, its become an essential grind that has slowly increased in complexity and time required.


They should just delete the entire system. They don’t have to replace it with anything. Just make the bad go away.

They kind of had this. Spells had different ranks, and some of those ranks dropped from dungeons and raids.

It’s like someone looked at that system and thought “how can I make this more annoying?”.

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Nerf to the ground is the new slogan for systems bloat

:vulcan_salute: :sunglasses:

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But they usually do nerf the grinds halfway into the first patch and after each .something patch. Quests and things turning optional and such too. Seems to me Blizzard just slows people extra hard out the gate to stretch the initial levelling phase experience out a bit.

And maybe make it so only unemployed fanatics get the world firsts. (Vs competitions like fishing contest where 30 people smack their turnin macro at the same time and game guesses the winner. :))

And holy crap the mileage a shaman had to cover for one or two of the totems. And I think Warlock needed something very rare from place full of super-elite demons.

And needing to form a party just to get through open world in one piece… Westfall at level anyway…