Honestly, Blizzard did ok with BfA

Corruptions are a bad idea. Period.

Its alt poison and turns off anyone who isn’t a hardcore player.

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Cataclysm was hot garbage. They only outdid themselves when the released WoD which was absolutely worse.

No, they completely wrecked all classes by doing this. The game when from being fun in Wrath, to being absolutely un-enjoyable in Cata as a result.

The dungeons were trash and the destruction of the classes made a mess of it.

MoP DID overhaul the classes because it HAD to do it. It’s part of the reason people say that xpac was so GOOD, because Cata was so BAD.

WoD only beats that because there wasn’t much THERE there, evidenced by all they could manage for “content” for a patch was a SELFIE cam. Took them several more months before they actually put out another patch with something in it.

Wrong. BoD is one of the best raids ever made in this game, there are only a few others many could say were better. Easily within the top 5.

Professions have been slipping for years, this is not new to BfA. They just didn’t do anything to improve it, which is not a failure of BfA itself.

Azerite wasn’t good at first, I grant you that. However, they improved it (NOT perfected it, mind you) and Corruption was actually a GREAT idea because it’s thrown the whole idea of “gear score” out the window. The RNG when they launched it was concerning, but they’ve changed that, so it’s better now.

I happen to agree with OP, if given the choice between WoD, Cata, and BfA, BfA would win, hands down, because the other two xpacs WERE garbage.

I have 12 characters I play daily. Every single one of them have corrupted gear and only 3 have the cloak.

No, it’s not. You are wrong.


I’m not not having fun.

I’m just having less fun than I did in Legion.

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But at least with WoD we knew we could quit due to ‘no content’, in BFA its filled to the brim with ‘nothing content.’. Just because the bowl is full it doesnt mean you want any of the rancid goop thats inside it.


I can actually respect that answer.

Not everyone will love every xpac or even every patch.

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Whats that?

Whats this?

You can’t tell me something isn’t going wrong here.


Oh so you never played the game when it was good? :wink: jk jk… kinda.

WoD was the better expansion for me. I most just play BGs and catch up alts and really enjoyed the old PvP gear system, it was the staple of the game that I came back to since '08. I played WoD more than I have Legion or BfA since they overhauled PvP gear and I still rate WoD second worst to BfA.


Wod still had pvp vendors

So it was better than bfa


I enjoyed WoD. I did so much PvP, so much roleplay, and made millions upon millions of gold.

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all i have to say to that entire emotional, not factual wall of text is lol.

Opinions are cool. It is what it is. I know what I experienced.

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I don’t dislike BFA. Leveling zone quests were very good imo. Would of been a lot better, if they would of did away with all the gearing gimmicks like azerite, corruption etc, imo. Never understood the hate towards cata tbh. Got playable goblins, and worgen races. Leveled a couple of each of those races during cata, and that kept me pretty busy the entire expansion. Wod was the first xpac where I took months off at a time not playing.

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No they didn’t. Clearly you have not experienced a Blizzard expansion where all pistons are firing at 100%. TBC, Wrath, MoP and Legion run circles around this dumpster-fire of an expansion.


8.3 might have been “ok” but the rest of BfA has been naff. I’d take cata over it any day, in fact I’d take release cata over pretty much everything following MoP.

The was nothing wrong with Cata content, it got bad rep because it was too hard for many, became too easy for many, introduced LFR, and removed talent trees.

WoD actually had a content drought which wasn’t great, but I’d rather have a few months of content that was ok over the amount of uninteresting content we have had through BfA with the such a heavy focus on repeating the same world content.

At least through those previous expansions people could turn to PvP when there wasn’t much PvE content to do which I honestly can’t say is the case with the current game.


Yeah well that’s like, your opinion…man.

For me, BFA is hands down the worst expansion in WoW’s history. I would take Cata or WoD any day over this.


Cata wasn’t great, but it absolutely wasn’t as bad as bfa.


Sadly, I disagree that Blizzard did ‘ok’ with this expansion, and BfA ranks the lowest for me. Too many typos, too many little things that were/are broken. This expansion, more than any other for me, lacks polish and that’s what puts it at the bottom of my list.

Is BfA actually the least polished expansion? I don’t know for sure, but it certainly feels like it to me.


Warcraft has always had sci-fi elements to it, people who complain about it not being pure fantasy enough for them have paid zero attention to the franchise.

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U want a baseline trinket with 2 charges?


Oh it can be “in-genre” and still dumb :wink: Spaceballs was a sci-fi movie just like Red Planet, but one was “dumber”

The sword-in-the-planet was really dumb because even in a sci-fi fantasy universe there is (normally) an attempt to honor physics and science… That sort of attack on a planet would 100% wipe out everything on that planet… end of WoW’s story. (Aside from the logic problem - why didn’t he just do that in the first place, who could have stopped him? That little Illidan who was comparatively about as big as a mole on a tick?

I was engaged with WoD through it’s entire life-cycle. Alts were very fun. Alts sucked in BfA until just this month when a small light appeared. They still suck compared to WoD and Legion, mainly because in WoD and Legion they could be economically productive.