Honest Thoughts About 9.1 Mistweavers in PvP

I never realized how good sheiluns gift was in pvp in legion till my friend who pvps as MW said how much he missed it during bfa lol. It was pretty bad in pve content though. Would be cool if it came back as a pvp talent or something.

Great post! 100%

Hard agree about our healing set up in PVP. The GCD on SooM is one of those things I just do not understand.

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I think the blizzard data scientist forgot to hand in the MW section to the dev team

Nice post though but their busy fixing bugs in TBC, maybe 6 months into 9.1 we’ll get tuning

Blizz made mistweaver monks the worst heals because there always has to be a loser. Monk healers are the losers this expansion. Accept your destiny.

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Hard agree on everything you said, I’d post it in the PTR forum as well but doubt anything will change. Like you said hopefully MW will work out well somehow next season.

Damn, after reading this I was thinking that Mysticall would probably agree with all of it. Then I read your signature. I really hope blizzard uses your feedback! Huge fan of your stream <3

You help me keep faith in mistweaver.

PS: for anyone trying to learn MW in PVP, this guy’s stream is must-see material.
Also, I know you didn’t make this thread to plug your stream because you didn’t do any self promotion in your OP, but I link it now for any aspiring mistweavers!


For the love of God pleeeeeeeeeeaaase take ‘Soothing Mist’ off GCD, it’s the only way to save mw monks. They could only survive mop, wod and legion (AMA season) because soothing mist wasn’t on GCD. It was the only thing that kept my main mw alive throughout those expans. Either that or give us back the azerite traits, corruptions and pvp tanking trinkets that helped mw monks survive BFA with soothing mist being on GCD.


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Agree with much of this. Counteract magic change is a huge nerf, I hate that the most. The new PvP talents are cool, but I have to give up disarm or zen focus tea? Sure we have more choices, and that is fun, but net effect is not a buff.

Something needs to go baseline. ZFT, immunity after revival, statue, etc.

I wish we at least got told the reason why cancel roll was removed. It just makes no sense to me :frowning:

I am really going to miss the old Counteract Magic. Going to be alot of Boomy/Ele out there in season 2 imo and all the comps each can bring.

Thanks for the in-depth update. You are literally doing the work for the WoW Devs, so hopefully they look into your post.

Glad you mentioned cancel roll throughout this post. I’ve become used to playing without it… but it’s just so much more fun and fluid with it.

Absolutely. It’s so much fun. I stuck it out all expansion as a mistweaver when so many people tried to convince me to reroll. I just love the spec more than any of the other healer. Heaven knows in my WoW tenure, I’ve tried 'em all. I just mesh with the mistweaver.

That said, I have been queueing for rando’s and am feeling so disheartened. So, I logged onto my holy priest that’s 40 ilevels lower than my mistweaver (not to mention barely into renown and conduits). I am surviving much longer with comparable healing.

I don’t want to abandon my mistweaver. I don’t want to wimp out, but at this point I am holding back our RBG team and it’s not fair to them.

Unfortunately for MW Kaleki the class designer left blizzard probably because of their polices and game vision, and so we left with no one to defend MW in Blizzard HQ.
And since we know that no one is playing on any competent level in blizzard on almost any class, the future is grim.
I tried my mw in bg/arena this week and yes i can survive 1st go with new talents but healing burst is still in the dumpster. Cocoon is still being one shotted, etc

Yes baby!

You’re the best MW bows

Everything you said is spot on.

Should be a feature of strength to get glad this season as a MW…

We need Chris Kaleiki back. He had so much passion for monks :pleading_face:

Thanks for the post

Guess all we can continue to do is keep bumping this post - State of Mistweaver PVP - Shadowlands (Week 1) - #541 by Zolik-barthilas

I got up to 1700 in arenas and bgs and just ended up switching to windwalker in 9.0. For 9.1 I think I am going to gear my druid up instead. fml