Honest Thoughts About 9.1 Mistweavers in PvP

tldr - they are removing A LOT of our passive healing and we will have a very difficult time keeping teammates alive. Our Honor Talents are a gamble and if we choose the wrong ones the game goes awful. Bring back cancel roll.

Hello everyone!

I want to make this post about my honest thoughts about how Mistweavers will be in PvP when 9.1 launches. I am making this post now because in the recent interview with Holinka, he said they were done making changes/new talents. They are just going to make tweaks to spells. I really hope when 9.1 drops, everything in this post is wrong and Mistweavers are tier 1 healers in PvP

Let’s start with Mistweaver Weaknesses, as of 9.0.5:

  • Cannot use ANYTHING while stunned
  • Many pruned abilities from previous expansions (Secret Infusion, Burst of Life, Sheilun’s Gift)
  • Survivability
  • Not a single heal is instant. Soothing Mist GCD is okay if the Meta is slow, but in Holinka’s interview he said they want the meta to be fast. This makes Soothing Mist so awkward
  • No damage reduction spells to mitigate damage (also an issue in PvE)
  • We have so many 3-minute cooldowns that do nothing, it blows my mind. Truly, the only cooldowns we have in PvP are Trinket and Life Cocoon.
  • Half of our Regular Talents haven’t been used in 3 expansions. I can’t remember the last time I used Chi Wave. Statue isn’t baseline for some reason??
  • Cancel Roll randomly removed from the game without any reasoning for it
  • Honor Talents are so specific for situations, if you choose the wrong ones, the game feels awful
  • Need help with avoiding CC
  • Our “new” shadowlands spells don’t work. Expel Harm hardly heals and does NOT deal damage. Touch of Death need to work instantly
  • 0 ways to help close out a game. We have no kick, no purge, nothing to help make a game end sooner. We only have tools to extend games. This is why when Mistweavers are decent, games go into dampening. We only have healing.
  • None of our Covenants are good, literally 0. We don’t have a divine toll or convoke the spirit, but we don’t even have a decent covenant spell that could help us out

In 9.1, they are “fixing” the following problems:

  • Survivability: They changed Eminence and gave us Dematerialize. In a vacuum, I like Dematerialize, but when you have to choose that and only 2 other PvP talents, I don’t think it will ever be chosen. It was also recently nerfed. The eminence change is a good change for avoiding setup on you, but if you are actually being trained the entire game, it is actually a nerf to our mobility. If you use it while stunned, the cooldown will be 45 seconds?? That gives the enemy team 2 stun DRs before you get your port back!
  • Peaceweaver is actually a good PvP talent for RBGs, now you don’t have to stack Diffuse Magic/Fortifying Brew to use it against Affliction Warlocks. It is also good for avoiding Magic CC on you for 2 seconds.

9.1 changes that hurt us more than help:

  • Counteract Magic Change: not a fan of this change. This guts our passive healing in RBGs and against DoT teams. Normally, you take this talent versus Warlocks/Spriests/Disc Priest/Balance Druid teams. The problem with it, is that the buff you place on a teammate only lasts 10 seconds. That’s a HoJ into Fear or Bash into Cyclone. This is the same reason many people stopped using Surging Mist. The buff just doesn’t last long enough. Also, we are losing a lot of passive healing.
  • THEY ARE NERFING CHRYSALIS??? Life Cocoon is the only spell we have that we rely on to keep teammates alive. Also our only “instant” healing.
  • Refreshing Breeze Change: eh. Right now, this buffs our best heal by 20% (Vivify). This is great for RBGs/Arena. They are changing it to make our Expel Harm heal more and dispel. This essentially gives us a second dispel, which is pretty good versus mage teams. But will I ever take it versus a mage team? Probably not. Chrysalis and Zen Focus Tea are mandatory, the third is either Grapple Weapon if it’s an RMP or Eminence to stop setups. But yet again, they are removing passive healing when we are one of the healers that need it the most.

Our Honor Talent Situation
Here is a scenario. You are playing against Walking Dead (ww/dk) in 3s. They are known for killing Mistweavers, so your PvP talents are: Chrysalis/New Eminence/Demateralize. These are our best tools with dealing with teams that are focusing us. After the first stun DR, the other team realizes you are a bad target and they swap to your teammate. Guess what? None of your PvP talents are helpful with keeping your teammates alive. You don’t have Eminence or Disarm or Zen Focus Tea. IMO, this is a HUGE problem with Mistweaver PvP talents, as they aren’t general enough. They are too specific for certain situations, but are useless in any other situation. I hope this makes sense.

Suggested Changes:
I am not a game developer, but I have played 3,000+ games of Mistweaver this season alone and have been #1 Mistweaver in 2s for the better part of this season. Here are some suggestions:

  • Endurance Conduit or Chrysalis that makes it so you can use Life Cocoon while stunned. I don’t know why they refuse to allow us to use Life Cocoon while stunned. This would help so much with dealing with being targeted or deal with being CC’d to death
    *Revert the Counteract Magic change at least. This is just too much healing we are missing out on
  • Make statue baseline and replace it with Secret Infusion. Secret Infusion was such a great spell with so many different uses and situations. Good Mistweavers would be rewarded when used properly, but even newer Mistweavers could take advantage of the extra stats
  • Make Burst of Life a passive again. Life Cocoon is normally used right before a stun or crowd control on you. Right now, if I use it right before I get Poly’d, I am going to leave polymorph and still be far behind because teams go through Life Cocoon easier than a Power Word: Shield.
  • I feel weird saying it, but drop Dematerialize and give us Nimble Brew. It is in the game for Brewmasters, and this would help with stuns/all the CC we sit if we push in
  • Give us literally ANY utility. A kick, purge, SOMETHING to help make a game end sooner
  • Give Life Cocoon a damage reduction. I hate saying it, because it really feels like Mistweaver relies so heavily on Life Cocoon, but with how it is now…I don’t think much is being changed soon. This would help with dealing with teams going straight through it
  • A better damage reduction: Give Renewing Mist some kind of Damage Reduction. This will reward Mistweavers that keep it up on everything and teams with purges can outplay it by purging it. Maybe not the best, but I will take anything at this point.
  • Bring back Cancel Roll
  • Down the road, our PvP talents need to be more generalized and not so specific for certain situations.

I know this was a long post, but I just want to stop being declined from every group in LFG. There may have things that I left out, but I tried my best to get it all out in this post. Mistweaver is truly the most fun spec in the game. If it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t have been playing it this entire time. Would love to hear from anyone who reads it!



I concur


There is just so much working against MW in pvp right now and these changes are going to hurt us. It really seems like a lot of these pvp talents should just be baseline.

I think most I’m going to feel the counter magic change in rbgs. Seems like a huge nerf to our heals.

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Totally agreed. There should also be more than 3 slot choices for PvP, but that’s not MW specific.

Honestly if it would make balance better just remove pvp talents while making the core talents baseline.

I never realized how good sheiluns gift was in pvp in legion till my friend who pvps as MW said how much he missed it during bfa lol. It was pretty bad in pve content though. Would be cool if it came back as a pvp talent or something.

Great post! 100%

Hard agree about our healing set up in PVP. The GCD on SooM is one of those things I just do not understand.

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I think the blizzard data scientist forgot to hand in the MW section to the dev team

Nice post though but their busy fixing bugs in TBC, maybe 6 months into 9.1 we’ll get tuning

Blizz made mistweaver monks the worst heals because there always has to be a loser. Monk healers are the losers this expansion. Accept your destiny.

Bumping this

Hard agree on everything you said, I’d post it in the PTR forum as well but doubt anything will change. Like you said hopefully MW will work out well somehow next season.

Damn, after reading this I was thinking that Mysticall would probably agree with all of it. Then I read your signature. I really hope blizzard uses your feedback! Huge fan of your stream <3

You help me keep faith in mistweaver.

PS: for anyone trying to learn MW in PVP, this guy’s stream is must-see material.
Also, I know you didn’t make this thread to plug your stream because you didn’t do any self promotion in your OP, but I link it now for any aspiring mistweavers!


For the love of God pleeeeeeeeeeaaase take ‘Soothing Mist’ off GCD, it’s the only way to save mw monks. They could only survive mop, wod and legion (AMA season) because soothing mist wasn’t on GCD. It was the only thing that kept my main mw alive throughout those expans. Either that or give us back the azerite traits, corruptions and pvp tanking trinkets that helped mw monks survive BFA with soothing mist being on GCD.


giving this a bump!

Agree with much of this. Counteract magic change is a huge nerf, I hate that the most. The new PvP talents are cool, but I have to give up disarm or zen focus tea? Sure we have more choices, and that is fun, but net effect is not a buff.

Something needs to go baseline. ZFT, immunity after revival, statue, etc.

I wish we at least got told the reason why cancel roll was removed. It just makes no sense to me :frowning:

I am really going to miss the old Counteract Magic. Going to be alot of Boomy/Ele out there in season 2 imo and all the comps each can bring.

Thanks for the in-depth update. You are literally doing the work for the WoW Devs, so hopefully they look into your post.

Glad you mentioned cancel roll throughout this post. I’ve become used to playing without it… but it’s just so much more fun and fluid with it.