Holy Shath'Yar, Batman!

I was talking to a friend about some roleplay, and she mentioned her priest advocating for “holy enchanting”. It entailed inscribing scrolls with “blessed ink”, which I assume was made with Holy Water. I asked “would she write holy words on the page? Like the priest spells?”

And that got me thinking, what are the “Holy Words” referred to by the priest spells? Sure, this is probably overthinking it. That’s probably just flavor text. However…

There’s a language of the Void, right? Shath’Yar. Is there some Holy Shath’Yar? And perhaps that’s from where the “Holy Words” come from?

Just a fun speculation post! What do you think?


I would assume the Draenei language is pretty influenced by it considering the time they spent with the Naaru. Though it’s hard to tell how long it truly was for them or how long it would take for a Draenei to adjust linguistically. But yeah, if I had to guess, it’s likely derivative from the Naaru somehow, even if they don’t truly speak the same way people do.

IIRC, from what I remember of the expanded universe, priests’ Words are just that. To invoke Power Word: Shield for example, the priest literally just says the word “shield”. I think that happens in Varian’s/Anduin’s short story.

Based on that, I feel it’s not that the words themselves are powerful, but priests are trained to use word association to cast certain miracles as part of their conviction-reliant power source.


If there is a Light equivalent of Shath’yar, I imagine it’s like the music that the Naaru… make? … exude?

Like, instead of the madness-inducing alphabet soup of the Void, it’s the perfect harmony of every note (and every person) in its proper, prophesied place.


Like the magic in Dishonored. The Void is basically considered heresy by the church and they use a mathematical/scientifically derived music that permeates everything and disrupts the Void magic. Some of them discuss the possibility it’s magic itself but that’s usually hushed up because of the implications.

Yeah, but it sounds like **** though.

What does? I may be misinterpreting your censored word.




I assume Holy words are the equivalent of prayers.

Holy word: Shield would be asking for a shield to your deity that you worship, not exactly a separate language.

The math music boxes in Dishonored. They sound terrible.

Hah fair enough. Dishonored is a very odd universe when it comes to magic and science. Whales are apparently some kind of mystical creature they farm for oil.

My favorite genre. Whaleoilpunk.

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