Holy/prot pally LF casual raiding guild

Back to WoW since Cata. My most focused raiding times were TBC (druid tank) and Wrath (DK tank, resto shaman).

Since then, I’ve got a wife, kids, and a teaching career. No time or desire for my former tryhard days. But I loathe the option of screaming in /1 or hunting through premade groups or LFR.

I’ve not done much raiding content in BFA, but I’ve done enough in past raids to know how it all works and pick up new encounters pretty quickly. Don’t stand in the fire. Face the boss away from the raid. Move away from the raid until you explode then go back in. Nothing I’ve seen so far has felt like out of left field (yet). Fun, though!

I’m looking for a group to occasionally raid/pvp/mythic dungeon with. I hope you’ll have me!