Holy Priest Utility: Symbol of Hope

I was thinking that a way to improve holy priest utility in raids and even in M+ is to build on the concepts of Divine Hymn into Symbol of Hope.

Symbol of Hope should be buffed to 17% imo or even 22% mana returned so people actually notice. Make it also reduces the cost of healer’s healing spells to 10%-15% less mana for 15 seconds with the stacking mechanic of Divine Hymn so if you channel it fully you get 15 seconds of 10-15% cheaper healing spells for healers. This gives Holy Priest a cool class flavor with their two channeled spells. I don’t think this is OP because it has a 5 MINUTE COOLDOWN!

FIVE WHOLE MINUTES for a measly 12% mana at the moment which no one cares or notices? It’s longer than all the more powerful disc cooldowns and paladin cooldowns in fact its probably longer then most cooldowns that all other classes have. It just doesn’t feel like it has the impact it should of a 5 minute cooldown.

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It would be good.
Anyway, I prefer buffs to other covenants. Right now Night fae dominates too much, but maybe covenants can’t be balanced for all 3 specs.
So I guess just buffing Holy a bit is fine too.

Or just give it back it’s WoTLK utility where it increased your max mana by 10%, temporarily, and then restored your mana based on than new amount. So increase your mana by 10% from 50k to 55k and then restore 12% of your mana during the channel and let you keep the 10% mana boost during the channel as well as 5-10 seconds after the channel ends.


I wouldn’t balk at it, but hpriest is already being overloaded with buffs to other players at the moment… which isn’t always the easiest thing to balance and not the easiest thing to appreciate as a player.

I still think hpriest just needs a little more throughput in a raid environment, though I don’t know exactly where I’d put it (flash heal? PoH? CoH? PoM? renew?). Without some sort of clear HPS strength the spec will still be viewed negatively compared to resto shams, e.g. or healers that bring big DPS.

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Or just make Prayer of Healing build viable. Buff PoH 10% maybe.

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I feel strongly about this because look at pallies 5 min cooldown spells. Blessing of Protection immunity to physical damage and clears physical harmful effects. Divine shield which makes you invulnerable. Both you just click and go about healing. Ours we channel doing nothing while we are doing it and then 12% mana. When I look at on our bars I feel sad. It needs to be more impactful for 5 mins plus a channel.