Holy priest mastery

Without going into a rant about our current mastery, is anyone here in favour of changing our master to divine image and tune accordingly?

It would be a mastery we can interact with and would actually contribute to our damage as well.

It would also free up the talent choice to let us use divine word as it’s basically what’s left of our Chakra stances from cata and it’s a fun talent to use.


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They need to change our mastery because it still massively overheals around 50-60%+ in both M+ and raid. Also, they should make Mastery increase the healers damage like it does for tanks.

With the 2-piece and Rapid Recovery it’s pushing my Renew healing way up to the point that it’s only 1-2mil less healing than my Echo of Light. That makes me honestly wonder if stacking Crit/Versatility over Crit/Mastery will be the play because you’d get stronger direct heals + Renew ticks and less overall wasted Echo of Light.


And I’m going to disagree with all of the other ideas here as someone who stacks mastery considerably in all areas of the game. What they should’ve done is restore the old values of Mastery % to 10.1.5 and keep the current tickrate or even make it faster. The current is 2sec/4max when it could be 1-1.5sec/3-6max.

That is the nature of HoT’s. They will keep healing even if people are full. Resto druid logs are a good example when it comes to Rejuv.

As someone who stacks mastery, Renew went from roughly 5% to 8-10% (without counting Empowered Renew values) of total healing, with mastery still making the bulk from anywhere between 15-25%.

The primary reason Mastery overhealed in the past is that the tickrate was too slow that you could not rely on it for active healing. But the active change to 2 second ticks puts it on par with Resto druid Rejuv with 35%+ haste. My current overheal is now about 25-38% in M+ depending on which dungeon.

Check my logs:

Pre 4-piece

Post 4-piece H Fyrakk prog

Renew is bonkers now. The 4-piece amplifies the Renew healing because of the free Holy Words, especially if you’re just dumping Sanctifys in the middle of the group.

Our mastery doesn’t heal for enough to push health bars up like resto druid hots do with how their mastery functions.

No matter how much you stack, you’ll never just pop a big heal on someone and know they’re good to ride out the incoming dmg because of echo, especially not in m+.

You just have to top people with direct heals and echo is wasted. The only time it gets value is on rot fights, in which holy is insanely bad at healing anyways.

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Seems nary a change, higher amounts across the board to ilvl increases.

Depends on how much mastery you have and if you went crit or verse on top.