Holy priest LF raiding guild for Shadowlands 4pm-7pm PST(7pm - 10pm)

My name is Dennis. I have a holy priest named Holyy(Lightbringer). I just leveled her to max level about a week ago and I only have a 360+ ilvl at the moment.

I’ve been playing the game on and off since Burning Crusade (Mostly off the last few years, but raided progressively when I did so. I wear my Undying title proudly)

I’m looking to raid progressively again, particularly for Shadowlands on my priest as a healer, for Horde. I’m a good listener. I’m not afraid of failure. I don’t use ilvl anymore as a demonstration of skill, since the game has become such a loot pinata. I have 3 ahead-of-the-curves for the “recent” raiding I’ve done.

Feel free to message me here or in game. Thanks

[Battle.net:] Kidfrmnyc33#1887