Holy priest in raids

It feels like all I mostly do is use prayer of healing. (Along. With my word spells and such). Is this how it plays now? I’m just now getting back into the game and I’m only 408. I seems to be doing ok meter and log wise but it just feels like a lot of poh

Hi, so for raid healing this is your priority of spells:

  1. Raid healing cd: might be pre-assigned, but ideally use them when the raid has or is about to take a lot of damage. You can also use them multiple times on a fight depending on length.
  2. Prayer of Mending - Cast on cooldown. It will be your #1 heal if you have all the talents.
  3. Circle of Healing - Cast on cooldown.
  4. Holy Word Serenity / Sanctify - Cast when needed, ideally on cooldown.
  5. Divine Star or Halo (Divine Star is better when the group is stacked. Halo is better when group is spread).
  6. Surge of Light Flash Heal procs.
  7. Renew (if you have Empowered Renew) or Prayer of Healing (talented) as a filler spell.

PoH should be the last casts you press because it costs a lot of mana and will oom you! Good luck.