Holy pally LF M raid guild for SL

477 holy pally lf new home to finish this tier and move to SL. LF a guild close to my exp. Currently 7/12 with raden to 10% pre nerf and 60+ pull on cara to 4%. Looking for guild that raids no later then 11pm est, any day .

I know My experience is not up to par as most people , but i learn fast , and have experience in other bosses as i was doing trials for other guilds. Been raiding since vanilla so ive beena round and know the game. Im looking for a guild to focus and push CE in SL.

Bnet. Beefiie#1230

Hey Beefiie, I think our guild might fit your needs. Although our progression is a little lower than yours, our holy paladin healer just swapped to tank and we could use you! Here is our information:

THE DEADMEN [Blackwater Raiders] - 4/12 Mythic, 12/12 Heroic


Progression Mythic Team: Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-11:00pm EST

Junior/Alt Heroic Team: Sunday 8:00-11:00pm EST


We are currently recruiting all classes and specs for permanent raid spots and backup positions. We require our core raid team to have ilvl 470 gear, rank 15 cloak, rank 3 essences, and a working mic. Raid team members must be able to commit to the Tues/Thurs raid times. At the moment, we do not require that our raid team realm transfers/joins our guild. If you are interested in raiding with us but your character does not meet our criteria, our guild is committed to helping you gear up and get better so that you can be on the team.


THE DEADMEN is the largest and most active guild on our server. In addition to our three raid nights, we hold Glory Raid Achievement runs every Saturday, and Hide & Seek nights every couple weeks. We run Mythic+ keystones daily and we are also very helpful when it comes to gearing alts and new players, with many members willing to run keys and Normal/Heroic Nyalotha to help gear up new characters.

We have a very social and friendly community. Most evenings have approximately 50 members online playing. Our discord server is very active, with many of our guild members and raid team using it to socialize and hang out. However, all of our social events are optional.

Please message me on discord or battle tag if you are interested in joining our team.

Discord: Avare#2045

Battle Tag: Avare#11639

looking for a guild close to my progression.

Good morning Beef, Sauce Mal’ganis (H) can use a Holy Paladin for our M N’zoth progression. We’re 11/12 M Nya, raid on Tues, Weds, and Thurs 8:30pm to 11pm EST. I will add you on Bnet.

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Hi i have a guild in Stormrage we on alliance < Nerds With Attitude > we finished 5/12 M but we are Heroic focused but we will dip into mythic once shadowlands comes we currently are gearing alts and pushing high keys if you are interested pst me on Bnet Thugnificent#11223
Discord Thugnificent#2056

Looking for a Mythic raiding guild. sorry.

Good luck with that at these point .

Still looking

Will be getting CE in Shadowlands without question.

thank you guys , i have found a guild.