Holy Pally LF late night guild

Due to work scheduling changes, I was forced out of the CE raiding environment. Looking to get back into it after about a tier and a half missed. Looking for a guild that raids super late nights. 12am-anytime EST is the only times i can make.

Im willing to server and even faction change to accommodate for my weird schedule. Thanks!

Bnet: Reikra#1733

Our times would be perfect for you then as those are the times we raid.

Hello friends my name is Bullcon and I represent <Raiding Is Hard:(> We are an extra late night Horde raiding guild based on Area 52. We’re currently 10/12M and recruiting DPS to help us get CE this tier and then every tier in Shadowlands and beyond.

Raid Days and Times:
-We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 11pm-2am PST or 2am-5am EST or 1am-4am CST

-We also have optional raid days on Wednesday/Monday at the same times where we do carry runs. We sell Heroic Nyalotha and Jaina mounts to make our raiders some money as well as fund things like guild repairs and money for proffesions in Shadowlands. Attendance is optional on these days.

Current progress:
-Currently we are 10/12M and have begun progress on Carapace, we’ve got phase 1 and 2 down and are working on phase 3.

Since we are close to N’zoth and since shadowlands is right around the corner we will no longer be reclearing, we will extend lockout until N’zoth is dead and then reclear every week until shadowlands. That way everyone can get their mount and CE in time before SL. As such the requirements to trial for the team are a bit higher than normal since there’s less opportunity to get gear with us until N’zoth is dead, theres also the fact that we’re working on the two hardest bosses of the tier and as such we need people who can play at their full potential.

-Level 90 HOA
-Rank 15 cloak with max corruption resistance or close to it
-Gear suitable for mythic content
-previous Mythic XP/equivalent
-appropriate schedule to raid late night
-patience to form and progress, and a desire to raid shadowlands

What we’re looking for:
-Were primarily looking for Ranged DPS things like BM hunters, Destro Locks and Fire Mages.

-Were also looking for a strong healer! Preferably a Holy Paladin but open to anything but druid.

If you don’t see your class/spec listed up here don’t be discouraged, we are open to any and all exceptional players so feel free to shoot your shot.

Logs are nice but not required.

Contact Info:
If you’re interested in us then feel free to reach out to me any time or day. I look forward to speaking with you!

-Discord: Bullcon#6858
-BattleTag: Bullcon#1672