Holy paladin LF raiding guild

Started back in tbc but returned on phase 4. I’m a holy paladin 5.5k with Ret OS 5.1k (fully gem and enchanted on both specs) my professions are JC/Engineering.

I’m looking for a morning/afternoon guild (late afternoon time is also okay). I can raid any day of the week at the moment. I currently have a 8/12 experience mostly from pugs but looking forward to go deeper into icc to face the lich king. I don’t mind any sort of loot system as long it is FAIR and TRANSPARENT.

You can contact me in game usually or on this thread.

Thank you for your time reading this!

I am so very sad you can’t raid evenings. If that happens to change, hit me up. :slight_smile: We are in desperate need of a holy pally.

5.4k hpal looking for guild to raid with. Can do evenings if you are still looking. I am usually online late afternoon and beyond. Pallydix/Isaador