Holy Nerfed?

Anyone else feeling like somethings not right since the patch? I can’t put my finger on it, but something seems off in my overall healing. It feels OK until I take a look at the meter after the fight and see how low my overall is.

Something feels wrong.

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Theres always hidden nerfs/buffs which arent in the patch notes like SW: Death dmg being buffed this patch for shadow atleast

What type of content are we talking?
If m+, loosing urh is bound to have side effects. Otherwise I don’t play holy RN so I can’t really tell…

Meh, I dont think so. Holy is fine–at least in M+.

I’m not saying isn’t fine in m+. It’s still looking to be the goto for s4…

I’m just trying to fogure out why there would be an hps loss…

Were you feeling that for fated raids? There was an issue specifically for fated raids that affected us a little bit.

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I’ve noticed no changes to my personal output barring Fated shenanigans (and this week has been fine), and I’m scaling with gear as I’d expect. Logs reinforce this. PvP is feeling worse, but that’s due to nerfs rather than any kind of hidden scalar.

They did nerf Holy again. It was in the Patch Notes. I can’t figure out why they keep doing it when out of the top 40 Priests on US realms for RBGs, only 1 is Holy. It was already hard enough getting into groups above 1800, but now it’s near impossible.