Holinka is leaving Blizzard

Ironically I think the only newer mmo that’s doing well is New World… it’s seen a large uptick in players and positivity as patches have gone on.

This is until Amazon somehow deletes another server again.

i haven’t heard a single thing about that MMO since it came out, and even then, the only reason i even knew about it existing is because these forums went through a new world trolling phase at the time

He might’ve got twice his current salary to leave
Or a better position with more responsibilty

Holinka was always my favourite, tough loss for WoW.

Also, he hasn’t been the PvP lead in a very long time. Some of ya’ll need to update your BS.


Well, He was the only Dev to response to the lack of BGs thread created on CC some weeks ago

from my understanding, He was working mostly on pvp / encounter desing.

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He’s been on abilities/talents since SL

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Ok maybe my mistake because its blue post are mostly pvp

I guess his title is combat designer, but yea he probably does answer on pvp there doesn’t seem to be a head pvp dev anymore and was that for YEARS

Seems like a power move by a shell company looking for big names. I wonder who they’re really going to work for… :thinking:

I cant comment to much out of fear of getting banned, all I’ll say is…plenty of streamers have commented on why this is happneing more and more often.


When did New World ever do well though? Cost something like 350 mil to develop including their own engine? The hype dropped off QUICK, sure sign of a flop in the MMO world.

WoW is still unsurprisingly the gold standard for MMOs, FF is creeping up on them though if they don’t smarten up here soon. Microsoft should win the acquisition appeal and I feel the game will be in a much better state shortly thereafter.

You know I would agree, but I think FF is entering the “stay the course and give the absolute minimal” that WoW did in its lifespan. They could easily be #1 uncontested but just dont for some reason other than wishing to appeal to a super casual crowd.

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Oh boy what a shame.



Good riddance. Now get someone who can do math, will actually balance specs, and doesn’t design specs doing either tank damage or SSSSSSSSSS damage outside and inside cooldowns respectively.

Also if he was in charge of match making and pve power and seasonal rewards good riddance. If not, fire them too.


Didn’t Ghostcrawler join Riot? Did he leave Riot as well?

If by real one you mean one of the devs that liked to say “You think you do but you don’t,” then yes.

Thank god. We need less devs that think they know the players better than the players.

I’m pretty sure Holinka was universally hated by the PvPers. EDIT: I just googled it to double check, and yea, he was not well liked.


Yes to both.

Considering besides Legion, the last 11 years of WoW have been some of its worst offerings, I don’t think this guy’s departure is a bad thing in the slightest lol