HOJ Boss drop question


Ik the HOJ changes what boss it drops from in later phases but does it drop from a different boss in BWL or later?


It drops off of General Angerforge in BRD currently. After phase 5 along side the relic drops, hoj will drop off the Emp in BRD.


Ah sweet thanks!!


Isn’t the trinket that gives 1% hit better ?


for a rogue you want Blackhands Breadth and HoJ. It’s easy to get hit cap without trinkets.


The hit cap is 24%

It’s easy to hit the soft cap 6% (human/orc) or 9%


Combat rogues only need 1% hit for their yellow cap anyways. They get 305 skill and 5% hit from combat talents. You can get plenty of hit from other pieces.


So 2% chance to do an extra atk > 2% crit + 1% hit ?


yes the 2% proc beats 1% hit when it is so easy to cap for yellows


The guys getting top dps are at 11% hit and white hits add up to alot of damage . But yeah a double attack of my dagger every 50 hits might be good if it doesn’t miss


Sorry you didnt get HoJ. :cry:


Can’t yet im only level 11 but just theory crafting my future gears lol


The white cap is too high to ever reasonably cap. Yes, white damage is a good portion of damage for melee in vanilla so the value of hit doesn’t vanish after yellow cap, but it does diminish to the point where prioritizing other stats can be more advantageous. If you get more you get more it’s not being wasted, but it’s not a stat to chase after over others.


That’s the white hit cap which is impossible to get. The hit cap for yellow damage is 9% which is the one to aim for, though in combat spec the bulk of damage coming from white hits more certainly doesn’t hurt but I’m sure there is a fine line. I currently sit at 14% with talents down from 16% since losing the 2 piece devilsaur bonus as I won t1 pants over the weekend. I typically top damage amongst our rogues, even the ones that are better geared and I do attribute it to having extra hit for my whites which make up almost 60% of damage. We will see how things level out next MC run.


I have pretty decent gear, black hands breath, hit trinket from dm. According to spreadsheets, Unbuffed, Hoj is a 3.2 dps upgrade over the dm hit trinket