<Hobo Patrol> LF DPS/Heals!

Newly formed on KJ LF like-minded raiders that’d like to push mythic content.

It’s our first tier as a guild and our goal is to achieve top 10 on the server as a 2-day raiding guild.

Raid days/times:

  • Tues/Thurs 7pm - 10pm server time

Currently recruiting:

  • ranged dps
  • 1-2 healers

What we expect from you:

  • 100% attendance - We know unforeseen circumstances arise; however, we expect 100% attendance outside of this, as we are a two-day raiding guild.
  • M+ - A single 15 key is required to be done weekly
  • Know your role - You should come into every boss fight knowing what your specific role and class should be doing and is capable of doing. Mechanics will be explained for every new fight; however, you should have a general knowledge of the fight.
  • Do. Not. Be. Toxic. - It’s irritating to everyone. There is a fine line between being a toxic memer and being a toxic person. Be sure you’re not on the toxic person side

Any questions or interest message Partysize#11618 or Frozenflame#1931 (bnet) or Partysize#0443 (disc)

4/12M as of last night :slight_smile: bug boss dies next week making us 5/12M

Hey im looking for a guild to raid with I’ll add u on bnet