[h]<Nocturnal> is looking for late night raiders!

Thunderfury has plenty of guilds that run their raids starting at 5-8 pm server time.

Can’t make those times? Got a full-time job? Busy with the family? Any other reason that prevents you from playing at normal hours? Then join Nocturnal.

Just like namesake, we are a late night guild that is raiding at 9:30 pm server time, every Friday/Saturday. We just transferred over from another server to give players in Thunderfury an option to run late night raids. If you can’t make earlier raid times, there is no reason why you can’t be joining us.

The guild’s focus will be split in two, PvE and PvP.

Our goal is to do raids on a weekly basis. From 58 and up, we will help you get pre-raid BiS gear, in preparation for the raid. We have a core group of officers and key positions filled, but are recruiting all classes and roles to bolster our ranks. 8/10 MC Bosses

We will be forming organized PvP groups to do Battlegrounds as well as real world PvP. However, focus now is more on Battlegrounds since great epic gear awaits those that reach Exalted rep!

If interested, please whisper Megahealer or Crowsus to become part of Nocturnal!

We are officially 10/10 MC and 1/1 Ony! As of this past weekend.

We are still recruiting for the following positions:


Melee DPS

Caster/Ranged DPS

All other classes feel free to hit us up if you feel like you are an exceptional example of your class/role!

We are a semi-hardcore guild, in that we expect you to bring consumables, be on time, and be willing to take criticism/help with your class.

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Hi, do you take in new players and returning players?
We’re a rogue & mage combo and we’ve just recently starting playing, thus we’re still levelling up.
Mage is experienced and knows his way around raids, rogue is new.

I will contact you tonight. 58 shaman looking to raid as resto.

Hi Shadowatch We absolutely take new and returning players. My In game name is Geehunterwiz I’m one of the guild officers and can invite u. Hope to here from u.

Hi Bromance we have a a raid slot open for a resto shaman so by all means hit us up.

Hi. What’s your loot system? Do new members have to run several runs for EPGP or DKP?

Nocturnal has merged with Malicious Intent. Two late night raid groups happening at 9 pm server. Raid team 1 on Tues/Wed. Raid team 2 on Fri/Sat. Team 1 is full. Team 2 has openings for all classes! Pst Megahealer for info and invite.

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Are you guys still recruiting? Have a 55 rogue I hope to have to 60 by this weekend and I’d love to find a good endgame guild with later raiding times like yours