[H/N RP] Tournament Of Ages Horde March

Join various RP guilds of the Horde as we rally in Org, and enjoy an rp procession through the city before riding out to the Tournament Of Ages! This rp ride-out is welcome to all role players on the Horde with and without a guild on all RP servers. We will be riding out in an organized procession of guilds and encourage players to wear their Horde pvp flag toys, and other Horde pride items for this event.

Players do not need to be in a guild to join in on the march. This is for Horde and Neutral-aligned guilds. Neutral guilds/characters need to be aware that the start of the march begins in Org, so they should be on Horde characters.

  • Date: Aug 7th, 2022 (Sunday)
  • Time: 5:30 pm Central / 6:30 pm Eastern Standard
  • Server: Moon Guard, open to all rp servers attending ToA such as Emerald Dream and Wyrmrest Accord to name a few.
  • Start Location: Valley Of Honor, Org
  • End Location: Tournament Of Ages (Northrend), arriving before opening ceremonies.
  • Requirement: Epic riding (to keep up), most of the march will be an rp walk with a short flight once in Northrend.
  • Contacts: Banshih (Undercity Nexus), Krokthar (War Wolves ) (both on Moon Guard)
  • Suggested: Please bring your Horde War Banner.
  • Tournament Of Ages Website For More Info: https://toawow.wixsite.com/toawow - this is a large multi-guild and multi-server rp event which helps raise money for charity.

This is an unofficial ToA rp event.

RP Toys are encouraged but not required such as: https://www.wowhead.com/item=169276/horde-war-banner and https://www.wowhead.com/item=169277/horde-war-standard


Hey, thanks for the invite! So great to see the Tournament of Ages coming back! I’ve always admired it from afar.

Do you know if a procession like this is going to happen for the Alliance as well?


At this time, I do not know of any such rp. All the same, there will be ample Alliance rp at the tournament itself and there will be anchors for cross server rp.

There is also a Tournament of Ages Community to allow for cross faction and across server rp at it. I do not yet have that link, and no doubt they will promote the link when the announcements go live.


Sounds good. It’d be awesome if the Alliance had a parade too, but it’ll be a blast either way! I’ll check out the community once we get closer to the big day.


I’ll add this to ED’s event calendar!


Come on out and ride with us :slight_smile:


Coming up!

I thought you guys just did this. I’m Alliance anyways.

This event.

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On Moon Guard, you should come!

Tournament of Ages is a once-a-year rp event, hosted in August. It is a multi-server rp event.

I know what it is. You guys did this earlier as the Horde. You’re doing the Horde again?

We are doing this Horde ride out again. That is what the post says.

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That’s great, but I would much rather do something and be apart of something that promotes the server that I play on.

You know you don’t have to respond to every post, right?

You know had I gotten a straightforward answer a while ago when I asked the first time I’d have already moved on.