[H]<Malicious Intent> is looking for late night raiders!

Thunderfury has plenty of guilds that run raids starting at 5-8 pm server time. Can’t make those times? Got a full time job? Busy with a family? Then raid with Malicious Intent!

We raid at 9:30 pm server time. Raid team 1 on Tues/Wed. Raid team 2 on Fri/Sat. Raid team 1 is full. Raid team 2 has opening for all positions except for 4 main tanks. Off-tanks still needed. PST Megahealer for info and invite.

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Hi. I just tried messaging you but you’re not online now. I have a lv 60 mage. I usually work til around 730pm server time, and I’m looking for a guild that I can raid with.

Is your first raid team looking for a Lock? since jan when you posted this? I am looking to Xfer and this is perfect hours. I have a few questions as well if you have the time to connect.

Looking to transfer to Earthfury to get back on PST. Haven’t been able to raid with guild and stuck in pugs last 2 months. Is your Raid 2 still looking for melee dps and is it still 9:30pm Fri/Sat? Making some chars to level as well and i will look for you in game. Thanks