[H][Mal’Ganis] <Memoria> 9/10H LF More DPS for AOTC and Mythic Push in Nathria!

Greetings! Memoria (H-Mal’Ganis 9/10H) is a guild made up of mostly friends who have been raiding together for several years. We are all working adults who have retired from the CE scene and are now focused on AOTC and M+. Once AOTC is achieved and we have the right group, we will be progressing into Mythic Nathria. We came to the decision as a group that this was the best way to get people engaged while tackling additional content.

We currently raid 2 nights a week on Thursdays and Mondays from 8-11PM EST. The majority of us play other games/have other obligations during the week, so we will keep our formal commitments to a minimum to prevent burnout. A lot of us have experienced the hardcore CE burnout, so this will not be a CE guild. Instead we will form a close knit group and push as far as we can into mythic with no real “goal” in mind as long as we continually progress.

Current Needs: LF more DPS to help us finish AOTC Nathria and progress into Mythic! Currently we are looking for a WW monk, and ranged DPS. Need at least 1 dps who is comfortable off healing. Priority for ranged DPS are a warlock/hunter but will be considering all classes. Prog on Sire starts this week. Experience is helpful, but your ability to play your class well and understand mechanics will be essential in helping us progress as a guild. Please have at least a 205+ ilvl and heroic nathria experience.

If you are looking for a home and are interested, please add me on discord @ Opkorean#9444. We look forward to hearing from you!

Still looking for a healer to help us finish out AOTC! Come join us!

Hey Sleepykorean, I’m very interested. 208 RDRUID 10/10H 1/10M. Pst me in game at Jarz#1371?

Still looking for a healer!

Looking for a tank to finish up AOTC! Come join us!

Come help us get AOTC! Still looking for a tank or a healer!

Still in the market for a tank or a healer to finish up AOTC!

212 9/10H BRM Monk looking for a new team. Discord request sent

Good morning! Still looking for a tank or healer to help us finish up AOTC!

Need a ranged DPS for heroic Nathria! Could start as early as tonight at stone legion generals.

Still need a ranged DPS for heroic nathria! Come join us tonight!

Morning Bump! Come help us finish out AOTC!

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Still looking for 1-2 Ranged DPS for AOTC Nathria!

Come join us to kill Sire on heroic then push into mythic, recruiting dps now!

Morning bump! Looking for like minded raiders to help us kill Heroic Sire and then progress into mythic!