HK's missing after classic era patch/pvp update

  • The name of the affected character. Hiver, Horde, Undead Rogue
  • The affected character’s current realm. Whitemane
  • Roughly how many HKs you had Prepatch and how many you have now. 72,372 HKs Prepatch, 7300 Postpatch
  • If you’ve transferred realms at any point. Yes Incendius till Rank 13 then transferred to Earthfury

Seems like this didn’t get fixed this patch.

Character: Baroc
Server: Mankrik
HKs before: ~92,000
HKs now: 27393

  • The name of the affected character. Malicious Undead rogue
  • The affected character’s current realm. Whitemane
    I had more then 100k
    I did transfer from the kromcrush server originally

I was also affected by this. Lost a good chunk of HKs after the patch.

Character: Cencil
Server: Whitemane
HKs before: 96k +
HKs now: 46k

HKs Before/after pics:


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This would be rather cool, they do have the info to do so, and it would harm nothing.

THO on one of my characters he’s a bit RP so I would like it if there were some way to stop Rank gains; if that were possible.


Roughly 24 hours ago, we implemented a fix that should prevent this bug from affecting characters who log in thereafter.

For all the characters who were affected before the fix, we’re running a fixup job at this time. Those players should see the correction over the next few hours/days.


I can confirm this is also not a “Dusting off old characters” issue.
I’ve earned 50k honor this week and my “blue bar” of “pvp experience” has gone nowhere. I’m still a knight, my daily HKs and honor are not registering, but my weekly Hk’s and Honor are.

Athelia - Whitemane

at least 20k honor, no change in rank or bar
never transfered

I talked to someone else on my realm that says his Rank 4 friend had less honor than his Rank 6 character, and his friend went up 3 ranks, but he didn’t get a promotion at all. Stating that he had more honor over the course of the week.

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This is still broken for me as of an AV ~20mins ago

I logged in just now and it is fixed for me. Back at 147,249 HK. Thanks to all players involved for providing data and thanks to Kethryllia and team for resolving.


Name: Grandleader
Server: Whitemane US
Original HK count: over 80 thousand
Currently: Deleted to less than 20 thousand
Highest PVP rank: R14 Grandmarshal - Old system

Reported the issue through tickets with no help provided.

Please restore my HK count.

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I went from 310,920 to 49k back to 310k, I lost any lifetimes from last week and now lower than i was on patch launch by 400 kills, but it is better than losing 260,000 :3

hi there 107k of my hks have been restored however I am still missing 60-70k hks on my gnome warrior xerolol-whitemane - he has been transferred amongst era realms once or twice but that was over a year ago.

thanks for your help on this

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Nothing has been restored for me so far…


Character: Ganklust
Server: whitemane
Transfer status: came from original 2019 classic and copied to faerlina. Used free transfer to whitemane August 22nd
Honor/Rank before Aug 28th reset: 110k rank 10.0
Rank after Aug 28th reset: 10.0

Character: Gankshawk
Server: faerlina
Transfer status: came from original 2019 classic and copied to faerlina.
Honor/Rank before Aug 28th reset: 10k rank 9.0
Rank after Aug 28th reset: 9.0


I hope when this correction is implemented and reverts back to the “corrected” amount of HKs, that it doesn’t discard all the HK’s we’ve acquired in the meantime. I’ve had ~7k HK’s since the HK drop bug!

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Yeah, we need news about this! This is as bad as you remove all tier 3 from a toon and send him back to blues and greens after years of farming… Can’t pretend its not a big deal… We are talking about months and months of grinding…


Years @Skrotoz

Ow yeah! I’ve been farming this HK’s since 2019… FK that!

Maybe they lost our data? Why mess with our HK’s at all??

I wish they would work as hard and fast to restore the loss of our hard earned HKs that is effecting 50% of the community as they did to “fix” the DHK exploit that was being used by .01% of the community.