Hitting 30 week mark

ello? devs someone home? devs told us that season 1 being this long was just because of covid/blizz drama

here we are up for another 30 weeks?

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I do wish that they’d consider doing two seasons per tier if they’re going to last this long.

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have they even announced a 2 week notice or anything yet

dont think so, only predictions. they could still announce it any moment speaking as of right, but just wondering how this goes even through at all.

r1 cutoff for EU atm on 3330 kek

Where did they say this?

Also, you know that covid is still a thing, right?


Remember when a long season was 20 weeks

Only in legion i believe most seasons from tbc onwards were all 26ish?

check the holinka interview with venruki, he mentioned it there, not sure when though.

also covid is not preventing devs from work anymore since then

Always a sign of good faith.

How do you know?

The “drama” hasn’t subsided either.

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I mean. Most people and companies have adapted to at home work after 2+ years of this. I can see in early 2020 being really shaken up and unsure of what’s open or what’s safe or how many people can gather in meetings together…

But after 2 years we should all be vaccinated and boosted (and if you aren’t go get it or you’ll win this year’s Darwin award) and we know the efficacy of masking and how to have important meetings virtually and we’ve all adjusted to having in home work stations… there’s much much less excuse now than then

You do realize we just recently had our highest peak ever in the states, right?

Covid is still a big deal. Plus, these patches are worked on for years before their release.

The world hasn’t gone back to normal yet. Not even close.

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Highest peak cases not highest peak deaths.

Most of those cases especially among vaccinated populations are minor .

That’s the entire point. Two years ago covid was killing thousands per day. Now we have vaccines that protect us with 90%+ efficiency from death.

It likely will never go back to pre covid normal. What we have now is thr new normal.

idc season could last the rest of the xpac just means i dont gotta re gear 10 toons

there is still a labor shortage, everyone is staying at home and investing in crypto and AMC stocks to make their money now.

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People actually replying to Bloomsday :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Dude…go back to general forums. your posts are trash

thats why u just play 1 thing ezzzz

Well, that’s quite rude. Do you have an actual argument?

I like posting in multiple sub forums, but yes, I do enjoy general discussion. I’ve been receiving a lot of love from the community there.



I’ve been pretty happy with my reception in General discussion as of late.

i would if the game was more balanced and fun